Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 6th October 2022 Rhea Doubts Priya

In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi wonders why Ranbir seems so cheerful. Guests are invited to congratulate Ranbir. He receives praise from the visitor. Thanks, Ranbir. Prachi gives him a shoulder pat. Ranbir embraces her. Prachi claims that the reason you are joyful is that your favorite heroine’s movie is coming out. She is asked to congratulate Ranbir. When they are alone, he asks her to congratulate him and says, “You are feeling.” Shahana visits Prachi and invites her. Rhea enters the kitchen and remembers Priya yelling at them.

kumkum bhagya 6th october 2022

When Priya sees her, she is terrified. Rhea worries whether she was acting improperly. Priya inquires as to your needs. Rhea inquires about the available fruits and requests a papaya dish within the next 20 minutes. Prachi is led to her room by Shahana. Sid shows up there. Sid is urged to confess in front of Shahana. She is questioned by Sid. She is asked to whisper in Prachi’s ears. Prachi is whispered to by Shahana, who then reveals that she has the visiting card for the Orchid Hotel. She displays the card and tells Sid. Ranbir is aware of them.

Aaliya Buji allegedly spotted me but missed the card, according to Shahana. Making an excuse, Prachi and Shahana go. Sid says I’ll use the restroom. Priya is eating a papaya when Prachi asks her. Priya claims that Rhea threatened to evict her if she didn’t obtain some papaya. Rhea is asked to leave by Prachi, who claims she will take care of her. She claims Rhea cannot have it since she is pregnant. There, she sends Priya. Dida is subjected to extortion by Wendy, who demands to know why Ranbir approved of Sid and Prachi’s engagement.

Dida said Ranbir was pleased to see Prachi wearing the ring he had bought for her. Wendy wishes her well. Rhea once scheduled a deep tissue massage and then ordered papaya, according to Prachi. She wonders how Rhea can eat papaya and decides not to overthink things. When Shahana arrives, she promises to sing the child a lullaby. Then, she queries, “What’s on your mind?” According to Prachi, Rhea requested papaya and asked Priya to bring some because she wanted it. She claims that Priya actually advised her that it was risky to do while pregnant, but Rhea tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Stay connected with Social Telecast and get all the latest updates.

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