Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk Wife And Net Worth

Since 2017, Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk’s wife, has been a part of the PGA Tour Wives Association. She was the head of the Media Relations and Correspondence Group of the Korn Ferry Tour Wives Committee from 2016 to 2017.

Schenk, her husband, turned pro in 2015 and played on the PGA Tour Latinoamérica. At the Abierto Mexicano de Golf and the Honduras Open, where he placed fourth, is where he did best.

In 2016, he was on the Web.com Tour and took part in the United Leasing & Finance Championship.

He also played on the Web.com Tour in 2017. In June, after a four-person playoff, he won the Lincoln Land Charity Championship.

In October 2021, at the Shriners Children’s Open, Schenk was one stroke ahead for the first time in his PGA Tour career. Even though it was his best finish on tour so far, he was only able to get a one-under in the last round, which put him in a tie for third place.

Who Is Adam Schenk’s Wife Kourtney Schenk?

Kourtney (nee Michelle Marchino) Schenk, who is married to Adam Cole Schenk, used to be an expert on internet media. She changed jobs so she could help out with the PGA Tour Wives Association.

In the same way, she is the vice president of membership for the PGA Tour Wives Association, which helps local charities at different PGA Tour sites while Adam travels full-time.

She worked for LinkedIn as a Digital Campaign Manager in Chicago before she joined Adam on Tour.

She went to Indiana University Bloomington and got a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports communication in 2012. She went to South Knox High School for four years and graduated with honors.

Kourtney and Adam split their time between Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where they were born and raised, and Vincennes, Indiana, where they now live with their dog, Bunker.

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She used to be a coordinator for events

Kourtney worked at Red Frogs Events as an intern and event planner for about six months, from August 2012 to January 2013.

As a customer service agent, she also took care of questions, comments, complaints, and payment issues for a database of more than a million people.

Kourtney was also in charge of the Great Urban Race’s social media accounts. She made new content for social media and came up with the most creative marketing ideas.

Her biography also said that she led the launch team for the American Beer Classic, oversaw brand development and planning for five months, and found venues for a number of events, including national championships and international venues.

Kourtney has been an account executive for one year

She started working as an account executive at Groupon a month after her internship at Red Frog Events and stayed there for almost a year.

During her time at Groupon, she was the first point of contact between the company and local businesses. This gave her the chance to meet small business owners in cities across North America.

She also knew what each company offered its customers that was unique, how Groupon could help them grow their business, and how to get great deals for them.

During that time, she used the structure of transactions and the strategy elements shown to help merchants reach their goals.

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In December 2019, Adam and Kourtney said their vows

Adam and Kourtney were together for years before they finally got married. At the Old Cathedral Catholic Church in Vincennes, Indiana, the beautiful couple said their vows.

The couple got married at 5:50 p.m. on December 7, 2019, in a beautiful ceremony that was put on by Daylily events.

After their wedding, Adam and Kourtney had a party at The Grand Banquet Hall at 302 Main Street in Vincennes, Indiana.

Also, Kourtney looked beautiful in her backless mermaid dress and diamond-studded earrings.

This December, the couple will be together for three years

Adam has posted pictures of himself and his wife enjoying their marriage, but Kourtney has kept her Instagram account private.

Every year, the pro golfer marks his wedding anniversary by posting pictures online. He told himself that he was lucky to have gotten married to his best friend, who had always been there for him and understood him.

Adam said on his second anniversary that their love has only grown stronger over time and that he can’t imagine his life without her. This is similar to what he said on his first anniversary.

Adam’s wife is older by two years

Schenk’s wife is two years older than he is. Kourtney is 32, and Adam is 30.

The above claim is backed up by a picture Adam posted on May 14, 2020, which was his wife’s 30th birthday, making her 32 years old at the time.

Adam, on the other hand, was born January 26, 1992, while she was born in 1990. (age 30).

The husband and wife are both from Vincennes, Indiana, which is in the US.

Adam also asked his Instagram followers to wish his wife a happy 30th birthday and said he was looking forward to having steak and wine with her that night.

Adam, a pro golfer, made fun of his wife on Twitter

Adam Schenk made fun of his wife on Twitter on May 4. In the post, he made fun of his wife’s clothes by saying that they look like hotel curtains. If he made fun of something she did or said, that would be one thing, but her clothes?

At least for Schenk, it’s a good joke with decent numbers. He has just over 3,900 Twitter followers and isn’t well-known to casual fans.

Kourtney, who is also on Twitter, quickly replied with a sarcastic comment, which made things worse. She posted a picture of Adam scrolling through his phone with the caption, “When you post one remotely funny tweet, and you have to keep refreshing to see if you get any likes.”

Farming was something Schenk’s family did

Adam also grew up on a farm, but his family lived in Indiana. There, they grew zoysia, fescue, and bluegrass grass, as well as corn, beans, wheat, and other crops.

One of the people his father knew who grew watermelons was on the NWA board of directors. After he brought up the idea during one of the sessions, the group agreed that it would be a good idea to help a young, up-and-coming golf pro from a small to
wn in Indiana.

The Schenk family’s large farm is 8 miles south of Vincennes, Indiana. It is on 1,500 acres. His parents’ house is on 82 acres, not far from where his grandmother and uncle live. The farm’s office is also in that building.

But the house was more than just a place to store combines and tractors. In a way, the eight acres of zoysia in front of his parents’ house were his ready-made driving range.

His family has played golf for three generations

Schenk’s father, uncle, and grandpa all played golf, so Schenk would go with them when they drove to the Country Club of Old Vincennes to play. Soon, the temporary practice range was put to good use as they built Schenk a sand wedge that was the right size.

It wasn’t even close to the field of dreams that Kevin Costner acted out in the movie of the same name. When he wasn’t playing baseball or basketball, Schenk would practice his game in the front “yard.”

Schenk’s main goal was to move up in his professional golf career, but he has very clear and positive memories of growing up on a farm.

Adam Schenk’s net worth is $5,141,814 from his career

Salary Sports says that Adam Schenk has a net worth of $4,755,818. He wins an average of $1,188,955 per year in prize money.

Spotrac said that he has made about $5,141,814 over the course of his career, and that he has won about $5,040,814 in tournaments. Schenk made $474,923 in 2018, $1,257,158 in 2019, $779,928 in 2020, and $1,101,722 in 2021, according to the list.

In 2018, Schenk played in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans as part of a team with Tyler Duncan. He finished in the top 10 of the standings.

Since he was 157th in the FedEx Cup rankings, he had to play in the Web.com Tour Finals to get his card back for 2019.

Also, he has three top-10 finishes in four Finals tournaments, including a second-place finish at the Albertsons Boise Open. This helped him finish seventh overall and earn a spot on the 2019 PGA Tour.

In 2019, he had to finish in the top 10 three times and finish 71st in the FedEx Cup to keep his PGA Tour card for 2020.

Who is Adam Schenk’s wife Kourtney Schenk?

Kourtney Schenk, who is married to Adam Schenk, used to be an expert in internet media. Now, she helps out with the PGA Tour Wives Association.

When did Adam Schenk got married?

Adam and the love of his life, Kourtney, got married on December 7, 2019, at the Old Cathedral Catholic Church in Vincennes, Indiana.

How much money does Adam Schenk have?

Adam Schenk has won an average of $1,188,955 per year and is now worth $4,755,818.

Chenk was born in the Indiana city of Vincennes. He went to college at Purdue and played golf there. As a freshman, he won twice.

In 2015, Schenk became a professional golfer and played on the PGA Tour Latinoamérica. At the Abierto Mexicano de Golf and the Honduras Open, he came in fourth, which was his best finish. In 2016, he played on the Web.com Tour. At the United Leasing & Finance Championship, he came in second, which was his best finish. In 2017, he went back to the Web.com Tour and won the Lincoln Land Charity Championship in a four-man playoff in June. He got a spot on the PGA Tour for 2018 by finishing 12th on the money list for the regular season.

Schenk had one top-10 finish on the PGA Tour in 2018. It was at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, where he and Tyler Duncan played in a team event. He finished 157th in the FedEx Cup standings and had to play in the Web.com Tour Finals to try to keep his card for 2019. He finished in the top 10 in three of the four Finals events, including second place at the Albertsons Boise Open. This put him in seventh place in the Finals rankings and gave him a spot on the 2019 PGA Tour. In 2019, he played on the PGA Tour and had three top-10 finishes. He also finished 71st in the FedEx Cup standings, which was good enough to keep his card for 2020.

At the Shriners Children’s Open in October 2021, Schenk led by one stroke after 54 holes for the first time in his PGA Tour career. He could only get a one-under in his last round, so he tied for third. This was his best finish on tour so far.

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