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Kontent Kim is a popular podcaster and web personality known for her digital and Youtube recordings.

Kim is best known for facilitating the recording of ‘Cause I Said So’ on the web with her daughter Alex Bennett. The two ladies and digital broadcasters are affiliated with Barstool Sports.


Barstool Sports is a computerized media organization and blog site based in New York City and is mostly based outside of America. They mostly produce content about sports and mainstream society.

The organization was founded by American blogger and web celebrity David Portnoy in Milton, Massachusetts, in 2003. From that point on, Barstool Sports was traded multiple times and is currently owned by Chernin Group and Penn Entertainment.

The organization is notorious for being involved in debate and sexism for a large part of its profession. She has been blamed for normalizing fellow culture and making jokes at the expense of women and various minorities.

Thus, lately, they have been paying for content that is primarily created by ladies, and that is where Kontent Kim and her little girl come in. However, they do make for the kind of sporty content typical of a bar, and there’s a feminine touch to it.

The reason I said digital broadcasting has now turned into Mother Knows Best broadcast on Chicks Youtube channel.

Who is Continent Kim’s husband?
Kontent Kim is happily linked with Joe Hodges, her significant other for many years, with whom she has two children.

Several of them have been linked for 34 years. The two love to travel and are well known to their loved ones at golf, with many photos of Kim and her other character either traveling or at a golf resort.

Likewise, Joe appears to have resigned, but neither confirmed nor denied it.

Unlike his better half and his little girl, he doesn’t have a huge virtual entertainment atmosphere to follow, and he doesn’t seem to need to. The guy’s Instagram barely has 49 supporters and he’s private.

Joe has been seen the most by the general public either in Kontent Kim’s Youtube recordings or in her entertainment web posts.

The last time he was seen unequivocally was at his young daughter’s wedding. His daughter Alex Bennett married Oklahoma City Thunder owner Graham Bennett on April 7, 2019.

Their wedding ceremony was enormous, and the service was held in Edmund, Oklahoma. Joe and Alex’s entire family were there to send her.

Joe Hodges seems to be exceptionally strong in regards to his significant other internet career and girl and he expressed just as much when Kontent Kim spoke to him.

What is Kontent Kim’s real name? Kontent Kim’s original name for Youtuber, Podcaster, and Barstool athlete is Kim Hodges.

Kim’s channel, or rather the channel that highlights a significant portion of Kim’s Kontent, Chicks, has 24.9 thousand supporters. Her recordings can also be viewed on other Youtube channels of Barstool Sports membership such as Out and About and the authority’s Barstool Sports channel.

A great deal of Kontent Kim’s content revolves around sitting and chatting with the visitor you welcomed into the show. Discussions generally spring from many ludicrous digressions that do not seem to be prearranged.

This natural strategy of discussion has gained her so many fans that people have never again seen her primarily as Alex Bennett’s mother yet as her own. Some would argue that Kontent Kim has overshadowed her daughter par excellence.

Kontent Kim got a bad reputation on the internet with her girl, and her beginnings were especially intertwined. Bennett has captured the attention of Barstool arranger David Portnoy with her hilarious recordings on TikTok.

After her recordings caught the eye of Portnoy, a VIP requested on the web that she join Barstool esports, and her mother was tagged.

Read more about Kontent Kim’s daughter, Alex Bennett, here: Bar Stoll’s husband Alex Bennett’s name, Graham Bennett, OKC Is the podcast host married?

The amount is Kontent Kim’s net worth? Kontent Kim has not revealed her total assets to the general public, but her girl Alex Bennett is, by all accounts, around 1,000,000.

Prior to her career with Barstool Sports and the various digital records that she is a part of, Kim was a homemaker for a long time.

During these years, Kim raised two children in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her fortunes changed when she began appearing on her daughter Alex’s Tik Tok recordings.

As noted above, these Tiktok recordings prompted Alex and her mother to be recruited by Barstool Sports as a main mother-girl pair.

Kontent Kim is currently located in New York City with her daughter. From that point on, she was featured on numerous webcasts and recordings belonging to the media organization.

Because of her better half’s career, Kim has never been missing out on money, but with popularity, combined, the Youtuber and podcaster now has a fortune and acclaim.

Kontent Kim has collected 18.8 thousand supporters on Instagram and 23.6 thousand on Twitter.

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