Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?

Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?

The richest East Asians and South East Asians in and around Los Angeles, California, are the subject of the reality series “Bling Empire” on Netflix. The show informs the audience about the daily activities and challenges of the wealthy and glitzy cast members. It is not surprising that drama may readily find them in one way or another given how well they all know one another, especially when it comes to issues of the heart.

Viewers get to see the relationship between Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep, a fan favorite from season three of the show. Fans are want to know if Kevin and Devon are still dating one other given the wide range of feelings that his development was able to evoke. Here is all the information we are aware of on the subject in case you are looking for the same answers.

Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep

Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep

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Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep’s Journey Together

Viewers were mostly interested in Kevin Kreider’s romantic life for the first three seasons of the show. Kelly Mi Li was in a relationship at the time, but Kevin was initially interested in dating her. He was more than happy to make a move when Kelly became single. Kevin’s hopes were dashed, nevertheless, by Kelly’s troubled past with Andrew Gray as well as a number of other aspects. Soon after, Kevin and Kim Lee began dating, but after much turmoil, they ultimately decided to remain friends.

Despite the fact that he had stopped his romantic relationship with Kim, their hostility was at an all-time high. Kevin was furious when Kim invited Lewis Tan to Kane Lim’s listing party because he thought she had lied to him about not being ready for a relationship. Kevin came to Paris, France, with Christine Chiu to attend fashion week, but he wasn’t overly satisfied about his love life. He revealed to Christine there that he was sick of chasing after other people and that he was increasingly looking back at his past and doubting whether it held the key to his heart.

Kevin talked to Christine about Devon Diep

He talked to Christine about Devon Diep, a former flame from his time on the East Coast. Although the two had a wonderful relationship, it ended poorly, and Kevin claimed that this was primarily due to his actions at the time because he was still adjusting to his newly found sobriety. In truth, Kevin and Devon were planning to go to Los Angeles together, but after their breakup, Kevin had to make the journey alone. Christine could not help but be amazed at this vulnerable side of Kevin as he questioned whether Devon was the one for him.

Christine found Devon and arranged a surprise meet-up for Kevin in Paris in order to assist her little brother in all but blood. Kevin was completely taken aback by the turn of events and couldn’t help but marvel at the surprise while thanking Christine again. After that, Kevin and Devon went on another date where they talked about their past and how things had changed, particularly for Kevin. They decided to give their relationship another go despite the gap of six and a half years.

Christine planned a grandiose get-together for everyone in the friend group once they were back in Los Angeles, but she kept Devon a secret. To the surprise of everyone else, Christine introduced Devon to the group after everyone had arrived, introducing her as the love of Kevin’s life. Even though Kevin insisted that he had informed Devon everything regarding his interactions with Kelly and Kim, Devon wasn’t overly happy about the news. So, are the reunited couple still dating one another, or did they part ways? So, let’s go over all we know about it!

Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Still Together?

Yes, it appears like Devon Diep and Kevin Kreider are still together. The two have only lately begun to share social media postings that highlight one another, and their followers are ecstatic that they are dating. The happy couple appears to be succeeding in both their personal and professional life and is developing their businesses in an excellent manner. Kevin is a model and the founder and CEO of Sans by Taejin Beverage as of this writing.

Devon is the CEO of “allsproductions,” a new company that will concentrate on Asian-led love stories and is expected to launch soon. She also contributed to the founding of Lychee Lovers, Love Mama X Me, and Diep Looks. The actress also manages a King Boo-specific Instagram account, which occasionally also includes her second cat, Nini. Kevin and Devon both appear to be happy with their life and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. We hope for their future endeavors to be successful and wish them the utmost best in life.

Who Is Devon Diep on ‘BLING EMPIRE’ SEASON 3?

Actress, singer, producer, and writer Devon Diep also writes. Martin Scorsese’s movie Revenge of the Green Dragons, whose theme tune she also wrote, also bears her name. Dipen was born and raised in Boston, but she currently resides in Los Angeles, where Bling Empire is of course being filmed.

The actress, who has previously appeared in a number of Hollywood-produced movies, recently made her reality television debut by playing Kevin’s ex-girlfriend in the season two finale of the program.

It doesn’t seem like she was his ex for very long, despite this, though.

Is Devon Diep Kevin Kreider’s Ex?

Because the pair has made the decision to continue where they left off, the answer is both yes and no.

The identity of Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Devon has finally been made public after a hint that she would be joining the cast in the third season’s trailer. The two persons reappear in episode eight, “The One That Got Away,” after Christine Chiu’s failed “matchmaking” attempt.

Following that, the two reconnected and were very close. Later in the show, as the two were out on a date, they decided to give their romance another try. Following that, Kevin used the opportunity to warn Devon about his relationship with Kim. Does it seem possible that a love triangle would play a part in Bling Empire season 4’s plot?

Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Still Together?

Yes, it appears like Devon Diep and Kevin Kreider are still together. Their followers are ecstatic about the prospect that they are dating, and the two have only recently started publishing posts on their various social media channels that feature one another. The happy pair appears to be doing extremely well in both their personal and professional life, and they are doing greatly in their commercial endeavors. Kevin is the founder and CEO of Sans by Taejin Beverage as of the time of this writing, in addition to being a model.

Devon is currently functioning as the Chief Executive Officer of “allsproductions,” a business that is about to debut and will focus on love stories with Asian characters. Additionally, she had a key role in the establishment of Love Mama X Me, Diep Looks, and Lychee Lo
vers. Additionally, the actress has a separate Instagram account for King Boo, where she periodically posts pictures of her pet cat, Nini. Kevin and Devon both seem content with their life and to enjoy spending time with their loved ones. We extend them our best wishes for the rest of their lives and hope that all of their future pursuits are successful.

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Information About Bling Empire

The American reality television program Bling Empire debuted on Netflix on January 15, 2021. The US was the country of production for Bling Empire. This series, which has been compared to a portrayal of the real-life Crazy Rich Asians, is primarily concerned with the lives of affluent, materialistic East and Southeast Asian-American socialites residing in the Los Angeles region. It is the first reality television series ever created by an American network where all of the major cast members are East and Southeast Asians who currently reside in America. The second season of the show, which will premiere on May 13, 2022, was confirmed by Netflix on March 10, 2021. The first episode of the third season premiered on October 5, 2022.

Bling Empire Cast

Kevin Taejin Kreider, a model, was reared in Philadelphia after being adopted as a child. He was born in South Korea. He provides narration for the audience throughout the entire series.

Kane Lim is a Singaporean real estate developer and investor. His family also has interests in shipping, oil, and tankers.

Christine Chiu is a co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., a philanthropist, and a haute couture collector.

She competed in Dancing with the Stars’ 30th season, which took place in 2021. She was teamed with Pasha Pashkov, and after placing 14th overall, the two of them were eliminated in week three.

Dr. Christine Chiu’s husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, is a plastic surgeon. claimed to be a 24th generation direct descendant of the Song emperor.

Kelly Mi Li is a self-made businesswoman and producer of motion pictures from China. She and actor Andrew Gray were dating in the first season.

A socialite named Anna Shay has Russian and Japanese ancestry. She became wealthy after her father’s business, Pacific Architects and Engineers, was sold.

Kevin KreiderKevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider

Former singer Cherie Chan is the heiress of the Denim Company

Kim Lee, a DJ and former model, was raised by her Vietnamese mother. She starts looking for her biological father in season 1.

Andrew Gray is the man Kelly is dating. While Andrew is both a model and an actor, his most well-known performance was as the Red Ranger in the 2013 television series Power Rangers Megaforce.

The owner of the blog Jaime Xie Style is Jaime Xie, Ken Xie’s daughter.

Guy Tang is a musician who also works in the hair care sector.

Morris Mimi (season 2)

Dorothy Wang, a late woman (season 2).

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