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If you’re important to fresh college graduates, you’ve no doubt heard the name or even paid attention to Kangol Youngster when you were younger. Born Sean Schiller Vicker, he is a rapper, musician, maker, bounce-hip artisan, and manager.

The underground rap scene initially embraced his melodic break. From a humble high school student who simply needed to become hugely successful at the Standard, he has transformed into the very thing every hopeful craftsman needs. Al Harfi’s career skyrocketed when people saw his signature and special approach to delivering the perfect rap songs. Moreover, he is additionally the prominent hip-bounce artist that would do something with the help of sponsorships. Tragically, the one that was named as a hip hop refrain is not with us anymore. His death was a shock that caused a stir in the world of music, as he unfortunately passed away in December of 2021 due to the growth of malignant colon cancer. Who is Kangol Youngster’s significant other? We will answer his private and heartfelt queries in the article below.


Kangol Youngster is attached to his better half, Tajiri Swindell There is that individual who will always stay close to him no matter what; As for his condition, he is the better half of Kangol Youngster. It had been a long time since the two met and started to blend in with each other. Sadly, the couple isn’t the most vocal of individuals in the music business, so there isn’t much data accessible about the exact date they became engaged. There could be no different insights into the lovebirds’ primary gathering and how they know each other. However, one thing is without a doubt that it’s been a long time since they’ve had a previous child.

Kangol Youngster’s past connections Kangol Youngster’s significant other is not the first lady he had a great opportunity to turn into his partner. Before the two contacted, a lady named Christine made the rapper’s heart quiver. Despite the fact that their romance was not revealed in the general community, we generally know that despite the many issues and difficulties they had previously considered, they were involved in organizing each other.

The Morgan State family offers our prayers and condolences to MSU alumna Tajiri Swindell and her family on the recent loss of her husband, legendary rapper, Kangol Kid from UTFO. He was a constant presence on our campus, supporting his wife’s pursuit of a degree. pic.twitter.com/2bwLitr6JI

– Morgan State University (MorganStateU) December 21, 2021

Tajiri Swindell’s account is unlike some individuals, he and his better half Kangol Youngster don’t unequivocally tell the world their entire private data. Whatever the case, don’t worry in light of the fact that Tajiri, thankfully, gave us a sneak peek into the daily routine she was living.

According to the sources, it is accepted that she is an administrative worker who works in correction offices or prisons as an administrator. Likewise, she is also a wonderful woman with a postgraduate degree in science, awarded for the last year of 2020.

Kangul Youngster’s Children Literally has four little ones, three of whom came from his unforgettable wife Christine and one from Tajiri. His sons, T. Shaun, Andrem, and Giovanni, are all in the same field as their father, music. They are fruitful in their own professions. Then again, Tajiri and Shun have a baby girl named Amancia, who is accepted into her baby years.

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