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Hroniss Grasu and Sabrina Ionescu made their relationship official in 2021. Sabrina Ionescu Hroniss’ girlfriend is an American Football Player.

Grasu has proactively moved on from web-based entertainment, but since Ionescu is online, their fans can freshen up in their love lives. The NFL player and WNBA star has yet to nail down how it all began between them.


Sabrina plays the point spotter for the New York Freedom, while her beau plays for the Las Vegas Marauders. Even though they both have an age gap of almost 10 years and are gamers of different games, they found their soul mate in opportunities.

Hroniss Grasu and his sweetheart, Sabrina Ionescu, were person-watching in 2021.

On the occasion of celebrating her lover’s 30th birthday, she interestingly quoted his picture on the site and alluded to him as her individual.

It was surprising to many fans, but everyone loved them after realizing they were together. The WNBA player periodically uploads photos with her first love.

A powerhouse partner, the pair continue to show up at each other’s games and take encouragement from the group.

In January 2021, the footballer announced that he would no longer use his Instagram account. All things being equal, he teleports out expressing gratitude towards everyone for their help. While the bulk of his supporters were miserable and acknowledged his choice, someone noticed you were dating Sabrina in July of that year.

Grasu is a football venue that has played in the NFL throughout his career.

He is the 71st round selection of the Chicago Bears in the 2015 NFL Draft.

On December 10th, the thieves upgraded it to the dynamic program. Prior to that, he was on the coaching staff. Towards the end of August 2022, Garsu was put off by his continuing group but again agreed to a similar meeting as before.

The ace player was born on the 12th of August 1991 in California. He was raised by his parents, who moved to the United States in 1982.

Hroniss has a Romanian family business as his parents, Stefan and Mariana Grasso, moved to Los Angeles from Romania in 1982. The couple got into business by opening “Greco’s New York Pizza shop” on Hollywood Lane.

Although he had come from unfamiliar foundations, his mother and father raised him to meet his every requirement and support his interest and enthusiasm. The Romanian couple acknowledged their child and realized that he had the things to be an accomplished footballer. So they sent their son to Crispy Carmelite High School.

His mother was also a competitor and he got some qualities of sportsmanship from her. Marianna played in Romania’s public handball team as a goalkeeper.

However, his father Stefan was working as a waiter in his local town.

He is not the main youth of his children, the professional footballer also has a more experienced brother Niko. Likewise, Stefan and Mariana’s more experienced child tracked his advantage in sports and was an alternate venue for Washington State.

Hroniss’ interest in soccer started when he went to high school in Los Angeles. The future star was named an anti-all-state lineman. His presentation found him a spot as rated three stars by Rivals.com, and he was also placed in the 12th potential community site of his group.

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– CrainsChicago Business December 20, 2022

After school, he joined the College of Oregon and started playing for the school’s group. Hroniss took over the group’s starting position as a junior and remained consistent on that basis into his senior year.

In 2011, he was awarded to the second group first year recruit. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, he was named to the All-Pac-12 First Group. Later he was similarly selected as a finalist for the Rimington Award for two consecutive years.

Finally, in 2015 he was drafted into the NHL and started his expert career. He played for the Chicago Bears until September 2, 2018. Then, at that point, he signed up with the Baltimore Ravens but played three games before being turned over on November 24.

Until he was featured in the Las Vegas Blazers on October 25, 2019, the footballer had a very difficult journey. He played for a few sets and was handed over by the Miami Dolphins in nine days.

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