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Joshdub and his gamer girlfriend Kristy Cherise have been together since 2019. Kristy Cherise is the protector in their relationship.

Kristy is known for her gaming content, especially digital game movies. Girls by Kristy and The Boys with the help of Joshdub have YouTube channels.

Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and Josh are among The Boys. Joshdub is a 30-year-old Australian sports content writer for YouTube and VR.

He often streams gaming videos on YouTube, where he has amassed 9.71 million subscribers. He launched his channel in 2013 and has a huge following on Instagram, nearly 750k.

Joshdub Girlfriend Is Kristy Cherise Joshdub is in a relationship with his girlfriend Mrs. Christy Cherise considering the fact that the year 2019.

Kristi is an Australian gamer, streamer, and YouTuber with more than 222,000 subscribers. She’s less active on her Twitch channel, which has been dating relationship videos over a 12-month period.

She launched her channel in October 2021 and has seen it since, she has grown to a family of 222k subscribers with 6,0,5,016 views. Her channel call is The Girls, which prioritizes content about tricky situations, pick fanatic questions, playing video games with girls, and many more.

The channel is collaboratively run by a group of five girls, Gabrielle Anderson, Geyer, Paladin Amber, LiveBevan, and Kristi. They are all from Australia.

The most popular video on the channel is The Girls Do The Boys Makeup, with 592k views, followed by The Girls Read Mean tweets with 343k views. Kristy also runs a non-public YouTube channel, Kristycherise with 167k subscribers.

She can be found on Instagram at @kristycherise, where she currently has 61.6k followers. Kristi enjoys dressing up and can be seen at activities wearing many of the game’s characters.

Kristy Cherise and Joshdub Dating Life Kristy Cherise and Joshdub have been courting for over 4 years and went public with their courtship in 2019.

With an older photo from and after taken in front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in 2019 and 2020, Christie celebrated the one year anniversary of Jashdub holding her face while pointing at the camera in a cute photo.

When Joshdub hit 1 million subscribers in 2019, she hinted at their flirtation with romance. “A million happy for my son!” Written with a coronary heart emoji.

Their assessment of heights is another topic that gets the most attention, similar to love and courtship. Kristi is taller than Josh and often jokes that if she continued to grow taller, she would be able to outgrow him quickly.

Many lovers assumed if Christie had turned into a taller development or Josh had become smaller.

The couple never ignored an opportunity to express their love for each other on social media, whether it was a special event, a tour, or just a chance encounter.

Kristi uploaded a picture of Candy from 2 on October 4, 2021, wishing Josh a Happy National Day for the friend.

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