Jay Hartington Net Worth 2022, Courtney Hansen Husband and Their Beautiful Wedding Revisited

Courtney Hansen’s husband Jay Hartington (a.k.a. Jay Harrington) has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. According to Celebrity Net worth, Jay’s spouse, Courtney has a  net worth of $4 million as of this year. Jay and Courtney, both work in the same field. Minnesota native, Courtney is an actress, television presenter, model, and author.

Furthermore, the couple owns three companies, RumbaTime, MakeupDrop, and Marissa Collections. These working parents are making a fortunate income for their families while continuously contributing to the world one way or another. 

Jay Hartington Is An American Actor

Jay Hartington (a.k.a  James H. Harrington III) is an American actor who specializes in television, film, and theater. His notoriety as a television and film actor came with his role in the satirical sitcom Better Off Ted as Ted Crisp.

The actor appeared in 26 episodes altogether from 2009 to 2010. Nowadays, people know him for his lead role in the American sitcom S.W.A.T. starring David ‘Deacon’ Kay.

Get To Know Jay Hartington Personally

Hartington spent his early life in Wellesley, Massachusetts where he was born on November 15, 1971, to his loving parents Judy and Terry Harrington. He shared two brothers with whom he grew up to be an adult in Wellesley.  Both of his siblings are professional actors; it’s crazy and seems fascinating that all of the siblings took up an interest in acting, and has established themselves as one of the most recognized personality in American cinema.

Jay Hartington’s Acting Career

Jay Hartington made his first television appearance in the 1988 musical show Angel Casas Show. He was only 17 at the time. Jay who attended Wellesley High School to earn his degree studied at the renowned Sycarus University where he graduate with a Theater degree. 

His Early Career As An Actor

Just 17 at the time, Jay’s next endeavor came a decade later in 1998 as he guest-appeared in the 1998 American drama series Pacific Blue. He played Mitch in the drama which was his professional acting debut as well.

Jay has come a long way in his career as the actor now has an extensive list of television and film appearances. In his debut year alone, the actor starred in The Pretender as Det. Maxwell and his film debut with Enough Already.

Since 1998, Jay has been actively keeping his fans entertained with his screen appearances. The following year, Hartington appeared in two American films, A Little Inside as Ryan McGillian and Anywhere But Here as a waiter. While he again guest appeared in the television drama Nash Bridges as Scott.

Jay’s Most Notable & Recent Appearance

His recent and most-hyped TV appearance is S.W.A.T. which is an American crime fiction that showcases a sergeant leading his highly trained officials to solve LA crimes. Ray has been starring as the lead character David ‘Deacon’ Kay (playing Sergeant) since 2017 when the show aired on the screen. The series is based on the same name as the 1975 crime drama series SWAT. Additionally, he played Mark Meadows in the popular law drama series, Suits as Mark Meadows for two episodes.

Furthermore, Courtney’s lifelong partner has performed in movies including American Reunion (as Dr. Ron), Whatever It Takes, Catalina, Trust, A Little Inside, Partners, Turkey Hollow (as Ron Emmerson), Guilty (as Scott Shepherd), The News (as Judd Brinkmeyer), and the list goes on and on.

Jay Hartington’s Other Acting Credits

His work in the entertainment industry is somewhat hard to keep up with. The 50 years old actor has already spent good 24 years of his life as an actor in the American film and television industry. Currently starring Sergeant David on SWAT, Jay landed a role in the tv series Desperate Housewives as Dr. Ron McCready in 2016. He also starred in the USA Network’s comedy-drama Benched. Jotting down his credits, Jay appeared in A.U.S.A, The Shield, Time of Your Life, Private Practice, The Division, and such.

Additionally, Courtney’s better half also performed in the drama Summerland (as Dr. Simon O’Keefe), The Inside (as Paul Ryan), and while playing Steve on NBC’s Coupling.

Who Is Jay Hartington Beside Acting?

Acting is not the only thing that took his interest; Jay Hartington loves playing basketball and skating. The sports enthusiast has played in Entertainment League, a basketball league for celebrities. Furthermore, he’s an amateur skater.

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