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The estimated total assets of James Lindsay, an American mathematician, essayist, and social analyst, is $3 million.

He is best known for his contribution to Fury Complaint Studies with Peter Bogosian and Helen Blocruz. He co-authored Irony Realist Theories with Pluckrose, asserting in 2022 that despite his primary identity with the Left, he later turned to traditionalism.


James Linsay net worth in 2022 – what is the amount? American mathematician, creative and social analyst James Linsay has a total estimated assets of $3 million.

Boy June 8, 1979 (age 43)
Ogdensburg, New York
  • author
  • mathematician
  • cultural critic
education Maryville High School
alma mater
  • Tennessee Technological University (Bachelor, Master)
  • University of Tennessee (PhD)
a period 2017 to the present
Topics Criticism of religion, postmodernism
Notable works sarcastic theories (2020)

James Lindsay is notable as the author and speaker of the New Discourses.

James is the director of New Discourses, and the intent of New Discourses is to make up for the shortfall left by issues of homelessness and political distance.

Despite the political contradictions, it should be where the conversation is invited and enabled.

One should strive to use conscious discourse and thoughts without feeling bound by many conscious arguments. Moreover, it means sparking discussion – both new points on very outdated topics and new discussions through their work.

Also, Lindsay appeared on the webcast The Joe Rogan Experience, with the help of artist Joe Rogan.

He has authored several books that have received bright surveys of readers. In addition to creating New Discourses, run by patriotic Christian journalist Michael O’Fallon, it has similarly appeared in digital broadcasts.

He has amassed such a huge abundance due to his work in various fields. James Lindsey Salary James Lindsey is a famous mathematician, innovator, and social analyst.

His exact wage is not indicated anywhere, but given his total assets, he must buy a good sum annually to contribute exceptionally to his total assets.

Academic commentators have praised the resourceful studies by Lindsay, Boghossian, and Pluckrose as “extraordinary and highly effective,” “an essential talk for social workers and feminist specialists,” and “a rich and captivating commitment to investigating the relationship between masculinity and femininity.”

The Professional Gains and Origins of James Lindsay The Most Effective Way to Have Impossible Conversations: A Highly Practical Guide, a true book delivered in 2019 and distributed by Lifelong Books, is a collaboration between Lindsay and Peter Boghossian.

The book was reviewed by the public and was highly acclaimed. Lindsay probably got a fair amount from her boom.

Cynical Theories, written by Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose and customized by Pitchstone Publishing, was distributed in 2020. The book was distributed as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly hit.

The book revealed “remarkably applied superficial starting points for developments that give the impression that we are devouring our way of life,” noted Stephen Pinker, a Harvard clinician, who praised the book.

In a poll by The Daily Telegraph, Tim Smith Lingate blamed her for “jumping from history to overreacting”.

Christian national analyst Michael O’Fallon claimed New Discourses, which was founded by Lindsay.

James Lindsay is the author of six books on various points, such as the postmodern hypothesis, way of thinking about science, and religion. He rejects it because he is a respected expert in critical race theory.

His new book, Negative Theories: How Activist Grant Did It All About Race, Gender, and Identity and Why It Hurts Everyone, is currently being translated into over fifteen dialects and is being developed by the new discourse maker.

His career has circled the world, placing several books with the highest ratings. After that, he probably got a good payout from the effective course of his books.

There is no data regarding the resources claimed by Lindsay. With such a high-demand position and good total assets, he should reside in a home worthy of his title and position.

Early life James Lindsay James Stephen Lindsay was raised in Ogdensburg, New York.

He was five years old when his entire family moved to Maryville, Tennessee, and he finally got his high school confirmation there in 1997.

Lindsey has a Bachelor of Science degree, and what’s more, a Master’s in Arithmetic from Tennessee Technological University. Then before the Ph.D. In arithmetic from the University of Tennessee in 2010.

Carl G. Wagner served as an advisor for his Ph.D. Theorem “Associative unification of binomial arrays.”

Lindsay left the academic world after accepting his degree and returned to his old neighborhood, where he served as a back massage therapist.

To compose works on secularism and leftism behind De Bloom’s largely moderate and Christian Southern name, Lindsey began using the center “a” beginning.

The Conceptual Penis as Social Construct is a hoax paper by Lindsay and Boghossian delivered in 2017.

Lindsay and Boghossian needed to imitate the “post-structuralist discursive hypothesis” in their paper.

As can be seen from the examination, the penis should be seen as a social development of toxic performative virility rather than as an actual organ. They submitted the composition to Cogent Social Sciences after Norma rejected it, which was distributed there.

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