Is Willie Robertson Arrested? Duck Dynasty Cast Defamation Charges By Daniel King Jr

Willie Robertson is not arrested and living his life in a regular manner, so news regarding his arrest is not true.

A 2020 incident made a huge impact on him and his family’s lives when the Robertson house and the family were targeted for a drive-by shooting.

Daniel King Jr., 38, has been arrested following a drive-by shooting at the Louisiana estate of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson last week. No one was injured in the shooting.

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) April 27, 2020

Willie was out shopping when eight to ten bullets were shot at his property. His son John-Luke and his wife and infant son were sleeping at that time when a bullet passed through a window of their bedroom.

The perpetrator was arrested and charged with the crimes. Hence, the shooter was brought to police custody, and Willie blamed Daniel King for the attack.

Such a dangerous crime of property shooting upon the house of an influenced family in the state had become headlines back then. 

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