Is Willa From Zombies 3 LGBTQ? New Season Of The Disney Show Bring New Questions About The Character

Willa Lykensen is one of the werewolves from the well-known Disney film series “Zombies.” She first appeared as Wyatt’s sister in zombies 2 and then appeared in zombie 3 as well.

The third and last installment of the Disney film Zombie 3 has finally been made available. This article examines Willa’s queer question and the claims that she is a member of the LGBTQ community.

The third and final installment in the Zombies 2 series, Zombie 3 is a Disney+ Original Movie. It was released in 2020. Zed and Addison spend their senior year at Seabrook High in this penultimate chapter. The first immigrant to enroll in college, Zed, is ready to start his studies on a football scholarship.

Willa Lykensen

Willa Lykensen

Willa’s Sexuality From Zombie 3

The werewolf pack is led by Willa, who is searching for great alfa, a natural-born leader, to lead them to the fabled Moonstone. There is now a fashionable debate over the gender of Willa and A-Spen, an alien couple who visit Earth in pursuit of a map that will bring them to Utopia.

A-Spen plays an important role in the film. One of the three aliens began to feel something for Zed, a Seabrook High football player. A-Spen is an alien with blue hair who identifies as openly non-binary, which left many viewers uncertain about their gender.

The most recent addition to Disney’s LGBTQ presence is A-Spen. The alien, who serves as the head of the aliens at Seabrook High School, is quite notable as Disney’s first live-action openly non-binary character.

Is Willa From Zombies 3 LGBTQ? Gay Rumors

In the prelude of Zombie 3, Willa served as the primary adversary. She was first seen in the movie as the pack’s leader, which gave her the authority to lead and to be fiercely protective of her crew while they searched for the Great Alpha.

Willa has been the werewolf pack’s leader for a considerable amount of time, and throughout that time she has become significantly more mature and accepting. She had a strained relationship with Willa when she was originally depicted in the second zombie film in the series.

Willa was often making sarcastic remarks to Addison. Nevertheless, towards the end of the film, the girls are cordial and quite close. Following speculation about this scene, viewers began to wonder whether Willa is actually a lesbian in light of how her character has evolved and how her relationship with Addison has been portrayed.

Willa’s Character Chandler Kinney Partner Detail

Willa is described as having long, dark hair that is curled in a bushy style and has white streaks in it. Chandler Kinney, an actress who was born and reared in California, portrays Willa in Zombie 3.

Famous actress Chandler Kinny has been in films like Lethal Weapon, KC Undercover, and the recently released musical film Zombie 3. Chandler has only ever been in one relationship, and she is not dating anyone right now, said CelebsCouple.

She responded to the question of whether she had a boyfriend in 2014 on Twitter. She wrote on Twitter that she was too young to be dating. The actress, who recently turned 21, preferred to keep her partner’s identity a secret as she recently celebrated her 21st birthday. There haven’t been any glaring rumors that she’s seeing someone right now.

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