Is Tyler Mahoney From Gold Rush Pregnant? Podcaster Pregnancy News With Co-Star Parker Schnabel Facts

In Australia, professional gold prospector Tyler Mahoney is well-known. She has been on two reality TV programmes, including the 2020 Discovery reality spinoff Aussie Gold Hunters and Parker Schnabel’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

When Mahoney and Parker Schnabel collaborated on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, rumours of a romance started to circulate. The couple’s on-screen chemistry was used by viewers as proof that their relationship had to exist off-screen. Because of the numerous social media posts they routinely put on one another’s accounts, some followers are certain that they must be dating.

According to the reality, unless you are a close friend of one of these TV personalities and know otherwise, there is no evidence to suggest that these two have dated or are dating online or on-air. Additionally, Tyler is not expecting a child, and the pregnancy rumours are a total fabrication.

Tyler Mahoney

Tyler Mahoney

Is Tyler Mahoney Pregnant?

Tyler Mahoney, a seasoned gold hunter, is not expecting. Parker Schnabel, who will be Mahoney’s co-star in Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in 2020, is the subject of pregnancy rumours, although the two are not dating or expecting a child.

Tyler has 84.7 thousand followers under the Instagram handle @tyler m mahoney. Since Tyler is still a virgin and single, let alone the pregnancy rumours, we are unable to find Tyler’s marriage, dating, or pregnancy news on her social media accounts. It’s also challenging to validate pregnancy rumours because her belly seems normal in her most recent Instagram pictures.

According to her Instagram posts, Tyle is dating Jake Bennett, but despite the pregnancy rumour being connected to their relationship, she hasn’t mentioned it.

Tyler’s Relationship With Miner Parker Schnabel

Tyler’s Instagram posts show how much her followers want her to date Parker, but neither she nor Parker have responded to any of their proposals. Adding a pregnancy rumour above a relationship rumour appears to be a decision made by fans to gain the upper hand.

The recurrent suspicions may have been started by Parker’s deliberate attempt to conceal his love while dating his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle throughout the previous seasons of Gold Rush.

Parker is allegedly dating Sheena Cowell, a Brit, to defy everyone’s high expectations.

Tyler Mahoney Has Net Worth Above Six Figures

Tyler is a skilled prospector and gold digger. Through her social media project, The Prospectors Club, she frequently improves people’s gold prospecting abilities. Additionally, Tyler is not the only member of her family who engages in gold-digging; in fact, she is likely the fourth generation to do so and has established a net worth of six figures on her own.

On the basis of outward appearances, being labelled a gold digger would frequently be considered an insult. Since marrying for money is the quintessential sign of a “greedy witch,” Tyler Mahoney would be a far cry from that stereotype.

Tyler comes from a long family of gold miners. She was born in Western Australia, which was the epicentre of the 1849 gold rush. She is the fourth generation of her family to work as a miner, according to Tyler. Although Tyler is one of the few female participants in the engagement, her father, grandfather, and great-grandparents were all well-known money diggers.

She reportedly has assets from her gold mining business worth $400,000.

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