Is The WSMV Journalist Melanie Layden Pregnant? Is She Expecting Baby With Husband Matt? All Facts

Everyone on the internet is curious about the recent reports that Melanie Layden, a stunning journalist, is pregnant.

She works Saturday and Sunday mornings as the WSMV4 meteorologist. Before switching to the weather crew in 2019, she joined WSMV4 in 2014 and served as the morning traffic anchor for more than four years.

Layden is a native of Jackson, Tennessee, and she graduated from The University of Mississippi with a degree in broadcast journalism. Mississippi State University additionally grants her a second bachelor’s degree in broadcast meteorology.

The Journalist formerly worked as WAAY-31’s morning traffic reporter in Huntsville, Alabama, before joining Nashville. Prior to Huntsville, she was employed by Fox 40 in Jackson, Mississippi.

A lot of viewers are interested in learning about The Journalist’s first child because she recently tied the knot with her boyfriend. In this article, we’ll learn more about Melanie Lydie’s pregnancy.

Melanie Layden

Melanie Layden

Is Melanie Layden Pregnant?

Melanie Layden formally announced her pregnancy on WSMV News4 in Nashville.

On her official Facebook page, @Melanie Layden, Layden posted a 10-second video. She stated, “Okay, I’ll stop trying to cover up my growing baby belly on TV! I’m excited to share that my husband and I will welcome our first child this fall.”

Both couples are delighted that the Journalist will give birth to their first child. She has requested parenting suggestions and assistance because they appear to be quite happy with their new baby.

When she first announced her pregnancy, many of her followers and the audience applauded her. She might take time off from her job to look after her health.

Melanie is also excited to welcome her first child into the world. She will take excellent care of her child and be a fantastic mother.

Melanie Layden Expecting Baby With His Husband Facts

Melanie Layden and her unnamed husband are currently expecting their first child.

Melanie, a journalist, has posted pictures of her husband on social media, but she hasn’t said who he is. Aside from that, both couples are content with their marriages.

Additionally, Layden announced her pregnancy online and on social media. Within 4 to 5 months, there is a good likelihood that her new child will appear on social media.

On the internet, there is currently not a lot of information about the Meanie Husband, despite our best efforts to research him. The Journalist shared very few photos of her husband on social media.

In addition, The Journalist’s spouse is eager to meet their newborn.

Where Is The Meteorologist Now?

Melanie Lyden, a meteorologist, has not posted her most current update to social media or other websites.

As of August 8, 2022, the Journalist will be expecting a child; she may be resting in bed. She hasn’t, however, added any fresh details regarding her pregnancy to her online or social media accounts.

It appears that the Meteorologist wants to keep her private life hidden from the public, much like other famous people do. She has merely given her audience a small number of details.

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