Is She Married? Rumors That NBC News Correspondent Is Currently Expecting

Jamie Yuccas: Is She Married? Rumors That NBC News Correspondent Is Currently Expecting

American journalist and investigative reporter Jamie Yuccas is well-known. She is widely known for working as a journalist for CBS News.

In August 2015, the CBS correspondent stationed in Los Angeles started working for the network as a reporter based in New York. Jamie’s reporting has since been featured across all CBS News platforms.

About 20 years have passed since the journalist’s entry into the business at age 39. She started her career as a journalist soon after graduating. Jamie began her career in journalism in May 2003 when she joined KTTC/KXLT-TV as a weekend anchor and reporter.

She managed the production of the Saturday night newscasts and served as their anchor. The journalist also worked as a general assignment reporter and the primary fill-in anchor for important newscasts.

Jamie Yuccas’ boyfriend Bobby Maslar

Pilot Bobby Maslar and Jamie Yuccas once had a relationship. She has removed the majority of their photos, despite the fact that their connection has been discussed on several websites.

Although she hasn’t recently talked much about it, she used to upload lots of pictures with her ex-boyfriend Bobby.

Bobby Maslar, an airline pilot, and Jami Yuccas are romantically involved. Since Bobby is a pilot, they met aboard a ship, and their romance started in 2017. After that, they turned closer; typically, they had never been happier than they had been at that moment.

Jamie Yuccas is a columnist for CBS and a double-cross Emmy Award-winning journalist.

She is a well-known author who has made a name for herself in the reporting industry via her tireless efforts and commitment.

American pilot Bobby Maslar and American writer, broadcaster, and commentator Jamie Yuccas drew in. Maslar is currently transitioning into online media.

Two or three people have been residing together since around 2017. But they still don’t fully understand what draws them to each other so much.

Additionally, they have kept their wedding date a secret from the public until after midnight.

Bobby belongs to the white ethnic neighborhood and self-identifies as an American.

Sadly, Bobby has kept his academic background a secret from the media. He probably has a degree in aviation, though, given that he works as a pilot.

Bobby Maslar hasn’t online disclosed his actual age.

Nevertheless, based primarily just on appearance, he appears to be in his mid-30s. Furthermore, neither his birthplace nor the date of his birth are mentioned.

Despite looks to the contrary, the pilot’s higher half, Jamie Yuccas, is still only 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Bobby is similarly built, with a tall, slender frame, dark hair, and earthy-hued eyes.

Bobby Maslar is currently unavailable starting in 2022 according to Wikipedia’s authoritative page.

He has, however, garnered a lot of recognition since discovering the truth about his relationship with renowned writer Jamie Yuccas.

Bobby has lived a quiet life. Due of this, only a limited amount of information on him is available online.

There aren’t many complex details regarding Bobby online, save from the fact that Maslar is a pilot by profession.

However, Jamie Yuccas is a well-known artist. Jamie departed the College of Minnesota after completing his four-year bachelor’s degree there in just three.

Yuccas has furthermore worked for KTTC/KXLT, WBBH, WCCO-TV, and CBS Information. You may watch her on CBS This Morning and CBS Night Information. She began her career at CBS Information in 2001.

Bobby’s Net Worth

However, the fact that the pilot was born in the US may be taken into account. There are instances when he receives more than 144,000 “dollars” annually. Similar to this, a select few pilots who fly the most significant aircraft actually make more than 700,000 every year.

Using this methodology, we may determine that he began earning more than $1 million in 2022.

At this time, Bobby is unavailable on the Instagram platform. His Twitter account has not yet been activated.

His accomplice, Jamie Yuccas, has a verified Instagram account with more than 20.6k followers, nevertheless.

More than 1620 posts have been made on Jamie Yuccas’ profile at @jamieyuccas. She occasionally posts events from her daily life as well as images from her employment.

Jamie has not yet realized that her Instagram account represents her true love.

John Sheehan, a sales representative for Starkey Listening to in New York City, was the CBS reporter’s partner. Yuccas and Sheehan were wed in 2007. Since she hasn’t discussed their marriage much, we don’t know the specifics. However, after ten years of marriage, Yuccas filed for divorce in 2017.

Even though they weren’t together following their divorce, the couple could be seen posing together in a 2015 Twitter photo taken at the Starkey Gala purple carpet event. In addition, despite being together for close to ten years, they never had children.

In 2007, Jamie and entrepreneur John Sheehan got divorced; since then, she has been dating Bobby Maslar. In 2007, Jamie wed John Sheehan. They both enjoy traveling, and she or he frequently uploads pictures of them to Instagram and other social media platforms. I appreciate you, Bobby Maslar. she penned in the touching caption of a picture she shared. You consistently show up and stick by my side, even under the most difficult conditions. I greatly appreciate what you do. My life was forever changed from the moment you walked on that jet and our eyes met, my lover said in response. I’m grateful for your affection. Salutations on Valentine’s Day! The couple is currently without children.

Jamie Yuccas’ Net Worth

What is the pricing of Jamie Yuccas on the web as of mid-2018? According to reliable sources, the web price of this correspondent and hostess is above $. Her wealth has grown as a result of her employment in the aforementioned profession. Her yearly salary as a correspondent is about $52,000. She has also withheld any information regarding her possessions, including her homes and vehicles.

Jamie Yuccas’s ethnicity and physical characteristics

Jamie is Caucasian by birth and racial heritage. She or he is quite close to her family, and was particularly close to her maternal grandpa, who left a lasting influence on her. She has one other sibling in addi
tion to John, who is her brother. Although she was born with light brown hair and brown eyes, she dyed her hair platinum blonde because it complemented her skin tone well. Her fans appear to enjoy her quick hairdo. Jamie appears to be in good shape, at least based on online photos. Her lovely smile and lovely appearance symbolize some of the qualities that this accomplished correspondent and journalist has to offer.

Career and Education of Jamie Yuccas

She majored in journalism at the College of Minnesota, which is part of her educational background. She started working at Rochester, Minnesota’s KTTC-TV after graduating. She began working for CBS in 2016, made her “CBS This Morning” debut, appeared in all 14 episodes of the show, and left in 2017. She collaborated with people including Ed Curran, Jeff Glor, Anthony Mason, and Vinita Nair. In 2017, she served as a correspondent and made contributions to “CBS This Morning: Saturday.” She covered a wide range of occurrences, including the Orlando nightclub massacre committed by Islamist Omar Mateen in June 2016 that left 49 people dead. She covered the 2016 presidential election as well as Hurricane Harvey, which significantly damaged parts of the southern US and Central America.

Twitter accounts of Jamie Yuccas

Jamie is active on social media and has accounts on Twitter and Instagram. She works in the leisure industry. Her 17,000 Twitter followers and 6,000 Instagram followers provide her fans the chance to learn more about her personal life while still supporting her career. One of her most recent pieces on the latter was about an 11-year-old girl who is combating racism after experiencing bullying because of the color of her skin. She reportedly spent a holiday with her ex-boyfriend Bobby in Tahiti in January 2018. She reportedly met Bobby on a plane, and the two quickly started dating. But regrettably, nothing is known about their connections.

Jamie doesn’t appear to be dating anyone at the moment based on her social media posts. The CBS journalist has long been silent about her romance despite frequently talking about almost every aspect of her life. The media hasn’t reported anything about her pregnancy either.

Details about Jamie Yuccas’s Biography

Yuccas was born to Jamie Ann Yuccas on August 3, 1982. She will be 39 years old in 2021. She was given the name James in honor of her grandfather, in case you didn’t know. She published the details on Facebook in an article from August 2020.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born, she was raised. She hasn’t frequently appeared in the media to discuss her family. Karen Yuccas is her mother, and she routinely shares photos of herself on Instagram.

Her mother married Keith Pieper, her stepfather. Keith tragically passed away in 2016. However, it is currently unknown who her father is. John Yuccas is the name of Yuccas’ brother.

Her brother John is a photographer and the proprietor of John Yuccas Photography. John pursued his interest in geography at the Universities of Waikato and Minnesota Duluth.

Ben Pieper, another stepbrother she has, is someone she considers to be a genuine brother.

Information About Jamie Yucca’s Ex-Husband

The current marital status of Jamie Yuccas is single. However, she had already been married and divorced. John Sheehan was her first husband. The couple reportedly married in 2007 and divorced in 2017.

As of yet, there are no reports of Jamie having kids. Sheehan hasn’t said much about her love life, although she did admit that she was going through a divorce prior to the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016.

According to reports, Jamie said in a conversation with InStyle that covering bigger disasters “sometimes helps you to minimize your personal troubles.”

She implied that she and her spouse were now going through a divorce. But compared to the anguish faced by the relatives of the victims, our suffering appeared trivial.

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