Is Shannon Smith Leaving Wbir, Where Is She Going To Work?

Shannon Smith is leaving WBIR, as confirmed via her Facebook On 5 July.

WBIR 10 wished Smith all the best on her final day with the Live at Five news channel. The platform also mentioned that its previous official day is July 10, 2022.

She indicated on her Facebook page that she left her microphone after seven years in the news. She also added that the industry was her life, bringing her to places she never imagined going and introducing people she never thought she’d meet. The news is the reason she’s able to call home in Texas and Tennessee, which is why she’s met her boyfriend and made some of her closest friendships.

The news industry has made her a great storyteller and given her a platform to help make an impact. She also wrote that her dream was to be a news reporter, and she lived it to the fullest.

Smith is leaving WBIR and the news platform due to sacrifices behind the scenes. And when the sacrifices begin to outweigh the passion, it’s time to find a new dream. The same thing happened to her.

Finally, she also updated that it will be at 4pm for the last time and that I will be on the air at 6am this weekend. Likewise, Sunday morning will be her last newsletter.

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