Is Molly Cobb Dead? Is Sonya Walger Leaving For All Mankind?

Season 3 of “For All Mankind” on Apple TV transports viewers to Mars as numerous new competitors join the space race. For access to the Red Planet, NASA competes with Helios and Roscosmos. In response to Margo Madison’s attitude to the Mars Mission, Molly Cobb (Sonya Walger) searches for a new purpose in life.

Molly is invited to the Johnson Space Center for a crucial mission in the season 3 finale. Molly is put in jeopardy due to a dark incident, though. Here is all the information you require if you’re wondering whether Molly survives the shocking “For All Mankind” season 3 finale and how the character’s outcome will effect actress Sonya Walger’s tenure on the program! Spoilers follow!

Molly Cobb

Molly Cobb

Is Molly Cobb Dead?

For All Mankind’s inaugural season introduces Molly Cobb. She is a pilot who is pursuing an astronaut career and will one day become the first American woman to travel to space and land on the Moon. She begins losing her vision, though, at the end of the second season after being exposed to space radiation. In the third season, Molly, the chief of the Astronaut Office, and Margo Madison are arguing over who should be in charge of NASA’s Mars mission. Bypassing Molly’s choice, Margo names Danielle Poole the mission head. As a result, Molly decides to leave her position and retire.

Later, Karen visits Molly to ask her for advise on her line of work. Molly is summoned to the Johnson Space Center at her friend Ed Baldwin’s request in the season 3 finale, “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Ed is helped by Molly during a perilous landing maneuver, which ultimately saves his life. Molly is hurt by an explosion outside the Johnson Space Center though. She makes an effort to aid the survivors and was last seen assisting an analyst to leave the JSC. Later, a newspaper item revealed that Molly had passed away while aiding the surviving. The JSC is given a new name in Molly’s honor.

Is Sonya Walger Leaving For All Mankind?

Molly Cobb is played by actress Sonya Walger in the film “For All Mankind.” The first season of the show lists Walger as a recurrent cast member. In the second season, she received a promotion to series regular, and the third season also includes her in the main cast. The mystery drama series “Lost” gave Walger the character of Penelope “Penny” Widmore, for which she is likely best known. The actress may be recognized by viewers as Madeline Stern from “Power.”

While Molly Cobb, played by Walger, plays a significant role in the first two seasons of “For All Mankind,” she takes a back seat in the third. When Molly’s eyesight deteriorates, she loses her main role and makes few contributions to NASA. Her character arc thus comes to a slow and devastating end in the season 3 finale.

In the episode, Molly participates in the rescue operations following the explosion outside the JSC in addition to saving Ed Baldwin’s life. Thus, Molly’s death while helping others marks the triumphant conclusion of her character arc. Actress Sonya Walger’s involvement in the series comes to a close with Molly’s passing. It is unlikely that Walger will appear in the next fourth season of “For All Mankind,” even if the show’s creators and the actress have not yet made an official announcement about her departure from the series. The actress’s upcoming movie is the suspense thriller “New Life.”

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