Is Maddie Kirker, a meteorologist, leaving WTKR? Why? What Will She Do Next?

Maddie Kerker joined the First Weather Alert team in April 2019. Provides weather forecasts for News 3 at noon and 4 p.m.

Prior to joining News 3, she spent three years as a weekend morning meteorologist at FOX21 News in Colorado Springs.

She spent three seasons covering tropical cyclones as the morning meteorologist for ABC15 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, before reporting snowstorms and wildfires in southern Colorado.

After working at WTKR for three years, meteorologist Maddie Kerker is leaving

WTKR co-anchor Blaine Stewart said his last goodbyes to meteorologist Maddie as she left the network after an amazing three years of service.

Stewart claims, “It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when someone leaving is as considerate and wise as MaddieKirker. As our friend and co-worker depart with Chester the Weather Dog on their next exciting adventure, we’d like to say goodbye.”

Chester dog weather and material

Below the message, supporters of the announcer also say goodbye. However, one user noted, “They unfortunately missed it.” I wish both of them a bright future full of success.”

Another adds, “Oh no. I’ll miss talking to them.”

A third person stated, “I wasn’t sure when she would leave ToddCorillo. They had them as a pair in my head.”

Maddie Kerker: Where is she going now?

Maddie urged her Instagram followers to follow her as she and Chester the Weather Dog will reveal her next destination. On July 24, she teased her fans in a lengthy post that she was leaving the network.

She’s leaving for her next big trip.

Chester and I are leaving @wtkr3 in a few weeks, you write. Three years passed miraculously. From the coast to the mountains, passing through seven different cities. I will always have a certain place in my heart for the experiences I built here.”

“At least, please know how much Chester and I appreciate your love and support. Saturday 6 August will be our last day. Stay tuned for our next destination as Chester Weatherdog as I travel!”

Maddie Kerker has a married husband?

You can probably find out that Maddie Kerker is unmarried and without a husband by browsing her Instagram page.

Madi did not give much information about her personal life, but she did talk about a happy life event – she is watching the marriage of her best friend.

You have read it correctly. She posted a photo of Ksee24 anchor Jennifer Ortega and her companion from the wedding.

“We cannot and will not stop!” she writes. jennifernortega, you have my undying love.”

I posted a similar post on March 23, 2018, commenting: “I’m so happy to offer this! I adore you Jenny Fernandez, and I feel so lucky to have taken part in your special day. Oh, and Kirkirtiga can be removed from Mississippi but not the other way around.”

She has a degree in broadcast meteorology, according to Wikipedia

For more information about Madi, please check out her biography. Maddie began her career in 2011 at WCBI in Columbus, Mississippi, where she developed her skills as a weekend meteorologist tracking severe storms and hurricanes for two years.

In 2011, Maddy graduated from Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS, with a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast meteorology.

April 2019 saw her join the First Weather Warning team.

Similar to this, she was a member of the college prediction team that won the Mississippi State Championship and was considered one of the best college predictors in the country.

When Maddie isn’t working, she enjoys trekking, hiking, and exercising with her golden retriever, Chester.

Chester participates in agility competitions and visits schools, hospitals, and nursing homes as a therapy dog ​​with Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs Inc. famous.

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