Is Lisa Laflamme Suffering From Brain Cancer? Update On Health Situation And Illnesses

Is Lisa Laflamme Suffering From Brain Cancer? Update On Health Situation And Illnesses

Everyone is concerned about Lisa Laflamme’s abrupt departure from the CTV after three decades of involvement. Find out more to determine if she has brain cancer or a mental health problem.

As a senior editor of CTV National News for many years, Lisa Laflamme is a renowned Canadian television journalist. Her work as a CTV National News replacement host and international affairs journalist was adored by the public.

She specifically joined Canada Am for two years and spent more than two years working there from 1998 to 2000. She was the CTV National News correspondent for over seven years from 2003 to 2010 and became a CTV National News anchor in 2011.

Lisa has received five Gemini nominations in the Best News Anchor category, as well as other RTDNA awards. She was also given the Galaxi Award by the Canadian Cable Television Association in 1999.

Additionally, in March 2014, she was honored with a Canadian Screen Award for Best National Newscast and Best News Anchor for CTV National News. She is a member of the Order of Ontario as well. 2019 saw her recognized as an officer of the Order of Canada.

Lisa Laflamme

Lisa Laflamme

Is Lisa Laflamme Suffering From Brain Cancer?

Lisa Laflamme probably does not have brain cancer as there are no authentic sources to prove such a thing on the web at the current date. In particular, her abrupt departure from the CTV in the days that followed resulted in numerous news stories about her condition online.

But during the past few years, she has never publicly acknowledged that she had brain cancer. We have looked into her social media activity, but there is currently no indication that she has brain cancer.

However, because they care about her and want to see her healthy, many others are worried about her condition. Through their social media channels, thousands of followers have expressed their best wishes for her future career.

Update on Lisa Laflamme’s Health and Illness

Following her expression of regret over leaving CTV, Lisa Laflamme’s ailment and current state of health have grown to be one of her followers’ most suspected concerns. Many people were concerned about whether she was currently ill or had been for some time.

However, there hasn’t been any verifiable news from her end, confirming her dreadful health. In addition to her regret at leaving CTV and her loyal listeners, she may be in good health. In her most recent tweet, Lisa expressed her unending love for her followers and supporters.

Lisa noted that over her more than three decades of employment at CTV, she received a lot of support from her coworkers, viewers, and well-wishers. She expressed appreciation for everyone’s support and kindness.

What happened to CTV’s Lisa Laflamme?

Bell Media declined to extend Lisa Laflamme’s contract with CTV, hence she lost her new deal with the network. Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, informed her that they would eliminate her position from CTV by the end of June 2022.

Many of her supporters claimed Bell Media exploited her while she was at the top of her game and let her go as she became older. Lisa thanked her colleagues and audience after leaving CTV despite being unprepared for her termination because she had not anticipated anything like that from CTV.

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