Is David Muir Leaving World News Tonight: Where Is He Going To Work

David Jason Muir, 48, is an award-winning American journalist known as the ABC World News Tonight host.

Muir is also a co-presenter on ABC News 20/20 and part of the news division of ABC Television Network in New York City. Diane Sawyer preceded Muir.

Muir has received many awards in his illustrious career. Most notable are the Emmy Awards and Edward R. Multiple Moro won for national and international press.

He is a nationally recognized journalist, and according to Tyndall, his news reports received the most airtime in 2012 and 2013. 2013 also came with his 12th award for being watched on TV news, and 2014 came with People magazine’s list of him as one of the men Most attractive alive.

As of 2019, World News Tonight with David Muir is called the most watched newscast in the USA. He remains the most famous journalist in America.

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