Is Charmx Dead or Alive? Former Canadian YouTuber & Gamer Death Rumors Hoaxes

There is a piece of news circulating on the trends of internet related to the death of Charmx but this news is not confirmed yet this is only a rumor nowhere is officially made an announcement of his death. He carries a large number of fans on his social media pages and around the world. His fans want to the is he alive or not, So here in this article, we are going to talk about this news and clarify whether is dead or not, and if he dies then what is the cause of his death? and if he did not die then why this news is flowing on the internet?

Is Charmx Dead or Alive Former Canadian YouTuber & Gamer Death Rumors Hoaxes

Is Charmx Dead or Alive?

As per the sources, His fans are too curious to get some information related to his death news but we clear that he is still alive and not dead. This fake news confused people and his fans and according to sources, his death news is spreading like fire on the internet which creates confusion and there are lots of rumors start flowing on the internet. An old video describes that before coming into the world of youtube he was in a very shady place. He had planned his suicide date until he set a way of youtube and his religion.

Who Is Charmx?

He is mostly known as a Canadian Youtuber, reactor, gamer, comedian, musician, game developer, animator, and author but most times he gives reactions and popular online as Charmx. He was born on 30 September 1994 in Canada and his real name is Karl Cloutier.

He generates too many fans around the world and he is also known for the Charmx movie which was released in 2020. He stopped making videos for youtube and shut down youtube on 31 March 2021 where his current age is 28 years old. He is a member of the well-popular person of Youtube stars. Before closing his youtube channel he had more than 300000 subscribers on his channel as a comedian, animator, and gamer.

In the end, this news was coming out because of his old video which was come before his opening and found a way of his religion and youtube. Which start getting too much attention because he said his death news in that video but it is clear that has not died and is still alive. There is too much news are coming forward related to this type of death which is officially made as a prank and for making rumors and they did to know the reactions of his fans and people.

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