Is Callum Tarren Married? Information Known About The Golfer

Is Calum Taryn married? Known information about the golfer

Professional golfer Callum Tarren, 31, is married to Ashley Tarren.

He competed in the US Open Country Club from June 16 to June 19 and has already secured two qualifying spots for the US Open.

The new offer is now available.

Taryn earned a time slot for the 2019 US Open in Pebble Beach by winning the US Open qualifying tournament for the 36-hole US Open in Florida.

People inquire about his wife, age, net worth, and Wikipedia profile. You can get the details you need here.

How old is Callum Taryn Cady?

The professional golfer was born on the 2nd of October 1990 in Darlington, England. The energetic golfer is now 31 years old.

He played golf when he was young and became a professional at the age of twenty.

He finished his education at Queen Elizabeth High School before transferring to Radford University Athletics to play team golf.

The golfer is a member of the white race and practices Christianity. He is also a British citizen.

Does Callum Tarin have a wife? discover his wife

Callum married Ashley McKenna, a housewife. She is not as well recognized as her husband. Therefore, the details about it are confidential. She is from the USA.

Although we’re still not sure how the couple first met, we do know that they were engaged atop England’s Mount Hellelain in the Lake District.

They may have crossed paths for the first time when Taryn took part in a mini-tour earlier in his career because they are of different nationalities.

In Durham, England, Pilates is led by Guru Ashley, a qualified Pilates instructor who specializes in group courses, 1:1 private coaching, seminars, and missions.

On August 16, 2021, shortly after their wedding, Calum Taryn and his wife Ashley Taryn welcomed the new member of their family. Two weeks before the national competition, the couple gave birth to their first child, Sofia.

She appears frequently on his social media platforms. They adore each other and often go on adventures together for relaxation. He has an Instagram post about it.

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