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In “The Old Man,” Who Is Abbey Chase? How Did Dan Chase’s Wife Die?

The novel of the same name written by Thomas Perry in 2017 served as the inspiration for the drama-thriller series titled ‘The Old Man.’ Jeff Bridges plays the role of Dan Chase in the show, which is being adapted for the small screen by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine. Former superspy Chase has been forced to go into hiding after adversaries from his past resurfaced with the intention of tracking him down.

Throughout the process, viewers pick up additional information about Chase and his previous life. Despite this, the first two episodes of the series provide an insufficient amount of information regarding his relationship with Abbey Chase. If you are interested in learning more about Abbey Chase and what happened to her.

Who exactly is this Abbey Chase?

The pilot episode of “The Old Man” is when viewers are first introduced to Abbey Chase. She was the deceased wife of Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who has gone off the radar for almost three decades now and claims to have no contact with the outside world. In Dan’s visions, Abbey Chase is portrayed by actress Hiam Abbass (‘Succession,’ while actress Leem Lubany (‘Condor,’) who plays the younger version of the character in flashback sequences, appears as the character.

The pilot episode drops hints that Abbey is not the real name of Dan Chase’s wife and that she actually goes by another name. In flashbacks, it is seen that Dan and Abbey had no choice but to flee the country after they had returned to the United States. The husband and wife changed their names to throw off investigators’ assumptions and began a new life in Vermont, where they resided for a number of years. Emily is the couple’s daughter, and they have named her after one of themselves, Emily. However, by the time the events of the program begin to unfold, Abbey has already passed away, and Dan is plagued by nightmares that bring back memories of the time he spent with his wife before she went away.

How Did Dan Chase’s Wife Die?

When the audience first meets Dan, he is hurting from the loss of his wife, Abbey, who passed away earlier in the story. The condition that Abbey suffers from, which leads to the degeneration of her cognitive senses, is revealed to the audience in the pilot episode. As a result of the disease, she passes away in the end. Dan is terrified that he, too, might be going insane in a similar fashion. In a later portion of the program, Dan gets a phone call from Harold Harper, who was formerly his handler. Harper sends his deepest condolences to Abbey’s family and friends following her demise.

During the course of the discussion, Dan divulges the information that Abbey had died as a result of Huntington’s disease. It is a neurodegenerative disease that often manifests itself as a decline in one or more of the most fundamental mental abilities. Although the specifics of Abbey’s passing are still unknown, Dan has confirmed that the disease that took Dan’s wife’s life is consistent with how Abbey appears in Dan’s nightmares.

On the other hand, one of these nightmares appears in the second episode, and it seems to suggest that Dan and Abbey’s troubled past may have had something to do with her illness, as well as her passing. In addition, it is implied that Abbey was not originally from the United States. It’s very possible that Dan fell in love with Abbey while he was serving in Afghanistan. Abbey’s passing ultimately plays a crucial part in Dan’s character journey, and the void left by her absence continues to trouble him. Because of this, as the story develops, we will most likely find out more about the relationship between Dan and Abbey, which will make the loss of Abbey all the more heartbreaking.

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