Howard Liebengood Wife Serena and Family Break Down In Tears During Capitol Hearing

After taking part in the law enforcement response to the Capitol’s storming, Howard Liebengood, a veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police, died on 6 January.

Liebengood’s death cause was a suicide after being on duty in the Capitol on Wednesday, according to Barry Pollack, an attorney for the family.

Howard’s death, according to Pollack, has robbed all of us of a committed public servant. It went on to state that his family had suffered a tragic loss and that they wished to grieve in solitude.

Howard Liebengood Wife Serena & Family Break Down In Tears During Capitol Hearing

In the aftermath of her husband’s death, Dr. Serena Liebengood, the wife of US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, campaigned for improvements to the USCP.

Serena Liebengood reported to Rep. Jennifer Wexton in a letter obtained by CNN claiming her husband was asked to stay on duty for three days after the insurgency and was extremely sleep deprived before his demise on 9 January.

During the February Capitol Hearing, Wexton questioned interim Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman about Howard Liebengood’s death classification.

On the other hand, Pittman avoided the topic by maintaining that the problem was still being probed. Howard’s family has received their well-deserved death gratuity reimbursement from the Department; she told CBS News.

She went on to say that the Department has always made mental health resources available to its employees and that those resources were considerably extended in size and scope following January 6th.

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Did Liebengood Have Children? Siblings

There are no reports of Howard Liebengood’s children. Serena, his beloved wife, and his two siblings survive in the U.S. Capital Police officer.

Howie Liebengood had been a Capitol Police officer for fifteen years, and his dad, Howard S. Liebengood, had held positions as the Senate sergeant-at-arms.

Serena Liebengood detailed her husband’s problems during the week of the insurgency in her letter. She describes his colossal workload and the physical and psychological burden it was taking on him.

Wexton released the letter with her congressional colleagues to press for system reforms and allow the U.S. Capitol officer’s death classification to be modified. 

The Liebengood family said in a statement to CNN that they hope that by speaking out, they would be able to fight for the change they believe is needed.

It said, “Officials on both sides of the aisle witnessed firsthand the catastrophic events of January 6. We are certain they recognize that this tragedy led to Howie’s death.”

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Tribute To The U.S. Capitol Police Veteran Howard Liebengood

Howard’s wife Serena emphasized his family’s strong ties to the US Capitol and security. She stated that his death, along with the deaths of others who died due to the insurgency, should lead to major security adjustments at the Capitol.

On 5 August 2021, Howard Liebengood was posthumously recognized in a signing ceremony for a measure to offer Congressional Gold Medals to Capitol Police and others.

The bill’s phrasing mentioned Liebengood’s death, and President Biden conveyed his sorrow. The new counseling center for the US Capitol Police was named after Liebengood on 14 May  2021.

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Last Modified: June 10, 2022

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