How Tall Is Katherine Gray From Blown Away? Judge And Glass Master Partner & Married Life Details

This article will tell you more about Catherine Gray, the glass artist and judge on the popular reality show Blown Away. Find out how tall she is and who she’s with below.

Catherine Gray is a Canadian artist who works with glass. She teaches art at California State University, San Bernardino. They also make goblets, candlesticks and other things, some of which are made to match each other.

Her work is displayed at the Corning Glass Gallery, the Corning Glass Showroom, and the American Glass Historical Center.

Gray’s work has also been shown at the Museum of Glass in Ebeltoft, Denmark, and the Handwerk Gallery in Munich, Germany.

Who does Catherine Gray graduate with?

The person Catherine Gray married is Michael Andrew Barnett. The wedding ceremony took place at Sacred Heart Church in Notre Dame, Indiana, on August 11, 2021.

Michael Andrew, 27, works as a business analyst at Hyphen Solutions, a software company based in Dallas.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Government from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Arts in Government from Harvard University.

Reverend John M. Santon, a Catholic priest, was in charge of the wedding.

Looking for Katherine Gray, height and age

Catherine Gray is over five feet tall. Gray is 56 years old now.

Wikipedia says that Gray was born in Quebec, Canada, in the year 1965. But no exact information about her birth date has been announced.

She went to school at the Ontario College of Art, and she lives and works in Los Angeles, California at the moment.

Her work revolves mostly around the physical properties of glass, particularly how it can be used to make people feel absent and invisible in everyday life.

It is the essence of transcendence and has scientific and technical uses.

How much money does Catherine Gray have?

It is believed that Katherine Gray has a net worth of around $100,000. Depending on what you do for a living, this is just a guess. The exact values ​​of all its assets have not yet been announced.

Gray has received a number of awards and grants, such as the ARC Achievement Grant and the Merit Award from the Bellevue Museum of Art.

In May 2018, “Katherine Gray: As Clear as the Encounter,” a solo show by Katharine Gray, will feature prominently at the Creative and Craft Society Fair in Los Angeles.

Kathryn Gray’s story

In the second season of Blown Away, a Canadian reality show about a glassblowing competition, Catherine Gray was the main judge on the show.

Blown Away, a Canadian television show, premiered on Makeful before it was picked up by Netflix.

Gray also makes pieces of art that “challenge practicality,” such as chandeliers, which never seem to be usable.

Forest Glass was made by assembling pieces of glass from stores and junkyards to look like trees. Gray has also written for Glass Gazette, Glass Magazine, and other publications.

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