How Rich Is Gabriela Berlingeri? Bab Bunny Girlfriend Is A Jewellery Designer In San Juan


It is interesting to learn how much money Gabriela Berlingeri makes. ( Source : Instagram )

A well-known model, celebrity partner, businesswoman, social media star, jewelry designer, and internet personality from Puerto Rico, Gabriela Berlingeri’s earning is currently a topic of interest.

The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny was seen unwinding in Miami with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, following the success of his most recent album Un Verano Sin Ti.

The singer had a jam-packed week that included his first Met Gala in New York and a Sunday appearance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix Miami.

Benito Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, was sunbathing with his longtime girlfriend Berlingeri on a Miami beach. The luxury hotel Faena Miami Beach’s VIP cabana was where the couple unwinded.

How Rich Is Gabriela Berlingeri? Her Career & Net Worth

Jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri has talent. She opened her Diciembre/Veintinueve store in November 2020. The table below lists her estimated net worth as $1.2 million for 2022 as per the source Newsunzip:

Networth USD 1.2million
Profession Businesswoman, model, celebrity partner and social media star

In 2017, she first met Bunny at one of his performances in Puerto Rico with Zion & Lennox. Many people claim that, the rapper was in a difficult period of his life because, prior to meeting his current girlfriend, he had split up with his ex-girlfriend Carliz de la Cruz. Additionally, Berlingeri assisted Bunny in the recording of Te Gusté, his duet with Jennifer Lopez from 2018.

She was a featured performer in the musician’s 2020 music video for the song En Casita, which is about staying in during COVID.

Along with Bunny, she was highlighted in the June 2020 issue of Rolling Stone. She subsequently made history as the first Latina model to appear alongside the singer on the magazine’s cover. She and her lover are residing in a lovely home thanks to her successful career and supportive partner. The two maintain a well-decorated and tidy home. She has also invested in an expensive, luxurious vehicle.

She doens’t really brag to her fans about her high-class lifestyle. Regarding her attire and accessories, her home has a sizable collection of name-brand clothing. She consistently favors wearing pricey attire and designer dresses.

Gabriela Berlingeri Is Bad Bunny Girlfriend Since Years: A Look At Their Relationship

Gabriela Berlingeri is a stunning and lovely woman. We discovered that she first met the well-known rapper Bad Bunny in 2017.

Bad Bunny’s real name is Benito Martinez Ocasio. They started dating after having a lengthy conversation. The two hid their relationship for three years before coming clean about it in 2020. Additionally, the two uploaded and publicly shared their joint photo on their social media accounts. Fans assumed that they got engaged in 2020 after Gabriela was spotted wearing a diamond ring.

It was later declared that they were not engaged. They’ve been together for five years now, and they want to spend many more years together.

The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny was last seen unwinding in Miami with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, following the success of his most recent album Un Verano Sin Ti.

Gabriela Berlingeri Family Background

Model Gabriela Berlingeri, 28, is from Puerto Rico. Her birthday is December 29, 1993. She has Latin ancestry and is of British and Irish descent. She received her degree from Puerto Rico’s Universidad del Sagrado Corazon.

In addition to this, Gabriela has a close relationship with her aunt, Vanessa Berlinger. She did not share a lot of information about her siblings when talking about her brother and sisters. Well, her aunt only sent her cousin a Facebook link to Gabriela’s photo.

Meet Gabriela Berlingeri On Social Media

Gabriela Berlinger is very active on social media sites, primarily Facebook and Instagram. She enjoys promoting herself on social media platforms more because she is a social media star. She uses the username @gabrielaberlingeri on Instagram.

She currently has 2.5 million followers, which was not an easy feat to achieve. She is such a well-known personality and has amassed an incredible number of fans. She has also already posted 48 posts as of right now. Regarding her Facebook profile, she is active under the username @Gabriela Berlingeri on Facebook. Similar to Instagram, she has a sizable following on Facebook.

She is well-known for being Bad Bunny’s partner, a well-known Puerto Rican singer and musician. She has numerous beautiful pictures of her and her boyfriend Bad Bunny on her social media platforms.

Berlingeri posted a picture of herself wearing some of her creations on her Instagram profile to announce the new business. The collection includes $30 to $120 necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that are perfect for the approaching holidays.

When she posted pictures of a few limited-edition items on the brand’s Instagram page, @diciembreveintinueve, she announced the launch of the line for the first time in February. Several of the items are already out of stock.


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