How Much Money Will Musician Chencho Corleone Have in 2022? As of July 28, 2022, 4:04 PM, by Ally Dangol

After working with Bad Bunny on their latest hits, Plan B singer Chencho Corleone noticed a massive increase in his net worth.

The song Me Porto Bonito, recorded shortly after Bad Bunny visited the Met Gala in New York, is now everyone’s favorite.

They jumped into the studio as soon as inspiration came, not bothering to change up their expensive costumes and elaborate hairstyles.

After debuting at number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100, the song eventually rose to become the fourth highest charting track from Un Verano Sin Ti.

Corleone was not involved in creating music or writing lyrics, so he only received premium credits.

The real reason for the last wealth explosion of Chincho Corleone in 2022

After a sharp increase in his income, Chencho Corleone’s net worth can range from $1 million to $5 million.

In fact, his association with Latin music icon Bad Bunny after their collaboration on the song Me Porto Bonito led to a spike in searches.

The film had 182,326,626 views as of 2022, just one month after its debut.

Mr. Bani is used to seeing his name at the top of the charts because his endeavors typically receive millions of views and a rush of Latin American fans who love his musical style.

So it came as no surprise when the song became the first entirely Spanish single to reach #1 across all streaming services.

It maintained its position as YouTube’s top video even a week after it debuted, with another Bad Bunny video, It’s Me Pregunto, and held the number two spot.

What does the musician Chincho Corleone do in a year?

Chencho Corleone, a Puerto Rican reggaeton artist, is believed to earn approximately $500,000 annually.

Plan B, of which he and his cousin Maldi are a part, is his main source of income. They didn’t see success until 2022, the year El Mundo del Plan B: Los Que la Montan, their first studio album, was released.

Since it includes famous artists like Daddy Yankee, Guelo Star and Speedy and was produced by the two brothers, the project is sure to be a hit.

After the success of their single Me Porto Bonito on the Billboard Hot 100, Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone

The 40-year-old set up his own record company shortly after going solo, and his cousin soon followed suit.

However, their collaboration continued as they released more records, including House of Pleasure and Los Nenes Del Blin Blin.

Is Chencho Corleone approved by anyone?

Chencho Corleone, a member of the Reggaeton Plan B group, has a long list of sponsors, but has not revealed who they are.

If you visit his Instagram account, you will see a lot of pictures of expensive cars and high-end brands because he has not yet made his commitment to any of them.

He may express his creativity through his costumes and clothing, but he leaves room for the development of his music and is not limited to one label.

He’s taken a hit in his net worth during the pandemic because the majority of his shows take place in crowded arenas and undoubtedly require spectators.

It has seen a significant drop in its financial account due to the $75,000-$149,000 price range, but it may recover once its delayed issue hits the market.

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