‘How fun that would be’: Christian Bale teases potential future Star Wars appearance, fans claim Batman actor set to join Taika Waititi for second time after Thor 4

Christian Bale has been adorning us with his amazing performances for a while, with roles that are both wicked and heroic. That is to say, his game has been in talks with a lot of appreciation. Now, with Taika Waititi set to direct the next star wars film, Bale wouldn’t mind working with the director again.

The actor has always been a big fan of the franchise and would be willing to be a part of it. From owning the action figures to aspiring to a film role, Christian Bale star wars the dreams got bigger and very plausible too.

Christian Bale’s Acting History Gives Him a Star Wars Chance

Christian Bale has earned a lot of fame and love from fans due to his multiple acting roles all offering a range and vision of the breadth of his talent. From his outstanding performance in Thor: Love and Thunder to his next film amsterdam with Margot Robbie, he sets new milestones as his career progresses.

Now that Bale has expressed his love for the star wars franchise, it doesn’t come without the love and support of the fans as well.

“What a pleasure that would be. I still have the numbers from when I was little. I also know Kathy Kennedy very well because she was working with Spielberg when I did Empire of the Sun, and now she runs the Star Wars universe.

Christian Bale says his only dream was to be in a star wars held and bumping into walls while walking due to blurry visibility in the helmet.

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Christian Bale’s wish to be part of Star Wars

Christian Bale has said how much he wants to be a part of the franchise, even as a faceless Stormtrooper.

“True nerds who have watched Star Wars far too many times have always heard of that scene where the Stormtrooper bangs his head against the door as he walks by. I wanted to be that guy.

With Taika Waititi in charge of the next star wars film, he once tried to ask Natalie Portman for a role in the film, forgetting that she had previously played Padmé Amidala in the franchise. It’s safe to say that Christian Bale could find himself a place in the film too, giving the actor another chance to work with the director.

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Fans react to Christian Bale being in Star Wars

Ever since news broke of the actor’s desire for a role in the franchise, fans have raved on social media about how eagerly awaited this casting. Wanting to see Christian Bale in one of their favorite franchises. Some say he could be a great Sith, others want to see him as Admiral Thrawn.

He can do anything Bale pic.twitter.com/WvOBmUWafh

— PATRICK BATEMAN 🪓 (@PatBateman1987) September 30, 2022

PLEASE pic.twitter.com/6SN4Kk6V1j

— Nicholas (@NicholasPascar5) September 30, 2022

MAKE IT HAPPEN pic.twitter.com/qnmnISC5gz

— liho ४ ANDOR ERA daughter of obitine 🔜 swcl (@liholovesloki) September 30, 2022


— Christian Bale ♱ (@luis_tafolla7) September 30, 2022

Twitter itself has been very supportive of this news and wants to see it come to life. star wars fans now want to see Bale play a part in the franchise and wield a lightsaber with it.

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