How did Austin Shirley fare? Greenville News On Crashes And Accidents

Austin Shirley, a native of Greenville, lost his life when his jeep swerved off the road and crashed into a tree while trying to escape the police. The accident occurred on May 26, 2022.

The Greenwood County Coroner Bureau claims Shirley was driving north on Interstate 25 at high speed when he crossed into the southbound lane, veered off the road to the left, and crashed into a tree.

How does Austin Shirley fare?

Austin Shirley, 28, was killed in a car crash on Interstate 25 North, just after 10 p.m. on May 26, 2022, outside Ware Shoals municipality limits. He was trying to avoid the police while fleeing the soldiers at high speed when he crashed into a tree and died instantly.

Austin was traveling with Eddie Raines, a live accident survivor. But the word “accident” used here contradicts what Eddie Raines said. Eddie agreed that Austin was wrong to run, but claimed that instead of going to check on them that evening, the police had broken other laws.

Austin was killed in a car accident while evading law enforcement.

Before calling, “Get out and raise your hands!” To the burning car, the policemen stood in the middle and looked at the police car first. Eddy continues to claim that the police reports are made up. The Justice for Austin Shirley (Bubba) Facebook page, created by Austin’s sister, calls for the truth to be revealed. The page about the protests section, “We want to see a dash cam, and we want this office to be held accountable for what happened.”

Notice of Austin Shirley’s death and official family honors

Austin’s sister Caitlin sent a tribute to her late brother on Facebook on July 27, 2022.

“I’ve been away for two hard months now. My heart still hurts just like it did the day we got the call. I really miss you. Anything for a chance to hear your voice and see your smile again.”

“Things will never be the same anymore. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it. If I were present now, I would have done anything. If it meant saving your life, I would have sacrificed myself. If I could,” she added one more thing.

Then, Kaitlyn began writing and expressing how devastated she has been since Austin’s death “Words are not enough to express how hurt I am because you are no longer present. I have often wondered why you had to leave this world, but now that I think about it, you no longer feel In pain anymore. I am sure that you will meet your loved ones who died suddenly in a happy life after death.”

She expressed her love for Austin as she ended the post “Bobba, you are lovable and will never be forgotten. Little brother, fly high.”

The cause of Austin Shirley’s death and discussions on social media

While evading soldiers, Austin Shirley died in a car accident. Oten’s sister believes there is another reason, despite the police’s best efforts to explain that he beat them.

Austin Shirley (Bubba)’s sister, Kaitlyn, claims on the “Justice for Austin Shirley (Bubba)” Facebook page that Honia Bath police were pursuing Austin at 100mph while he was outside their jurisdiction. She claims that the policemen were required by law to surrender but did not do so. Police continued to hit her brother three times that evening as they stormed outside, and continued, and after the fourth hit, Austin lost control, crashed into a tree, and succumbed to severe injuries.

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