House Of The Dragon: Aegon’s Embarrassing Window Scene Turns Out Worse Than Tommen’s Tragic Window Death

Fans would remember that a scene from HBO Dragon House where Aegon II Targaryen was caught by his mother, Alicent Hightower, playing with himself in the castle window, more commonly known as Tommen’s Window.

Although this scene seemed pointless, as fans have mentioned, it showed Aegon at the height of his teenage years and what his future interests would be. This has already served as a clue as to what will happen to the young prince once King Viserys I Targaryen breathes his last. Continuing this narrative in Episode 7, Aegon is seen giving a waiter naughty looks as he takes another cup of wine.

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Aegon’s Behavior In House Of The Dragon Proves He’s Unfit To Rule

Aegon’s fascination with women would continue long after the death of King Viserys, as recorded in George RR Martin’s novel, Fire & Blood. After making all the necessary arrangements, the prince was summoned for his coronation, but Aegon was found in a rat pit.”in his delirium” with a girl Flea Bottom under 12 years old.

This speaks to Aegon’s lack of interest in politics as he would rather get drunk and have sex than obey his mother’s orders and make himself worthy of a ruler. Rhaenyra proves more deserving of the Iron Throne, not only because she has been named heir, but also demonstrates an eagerness to claim the crown.

It’s true that Rhaenyra also had her share of reckless behavior when she was younger, but she never forgets her duty. Note that she married her cousin, Laenor Velaryon, for the future of the kingdom, and she did not run away with Ser Criston Cole when he asked her to flee to Essos.

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How Aegon’s Window Scene Ruined Tommen’s Game of Thrones Death

Tommen Baratheon’s last scene in game of thrones took place in the same window where he leapt to his death after learning that his mother had ordered the Baelor Sept to be blown up. He was horrified at the thought of the betrayal and murder of his wife, the newly crowned queen Margaery Tyrell.

The window has become an iconic and memorable place in the game of thrones saga, and that outrageous window scene in Dragon House somewhat distorts its meaning. Indeed, this window has seen a lot throughout the ensuing years.

Now that the dragon dance fast approaching, Aegon will play a bigger role in the story. Set two hundred years before the events of game of thrones, Dragon House follows the story of House Targaryen at the height of their power and their impending downfall. Watch the new episode this Sunday on HBO Max.

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