“He’s going to do it in a non-traditional way” Cobra Kai creator Josh Heald reveals that Terry Silver will cheat even more in season 5

Cobra Kai fans, Terry Silver is back! The martial arts comedy-drama airs on September 9 this year, and what better news for fans of the show than to hear that Terry Silver will be returning in Season 5 as the main villain? And it seems like he’s stuck to his roots to get his way no matter what.

Terry Silver first appeared in the Karate Kid franchise in 1989 Karate Kid Part III, where he saw defeat at the hands of Mr. Miyagi. Now the villainous piano player returns as the main villain in Cobra Kai season five, and the show’s creators have some spicy words about what Silver will do to achieve his ultimate goal.

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Terry Silver will be as crafty as ever

During a red carpet interview at the Paleyfest event, one of the creators of the Cobra Kai series, Josh Heald gives us a glimpse of what Daniel LaRusso will be like, revealing that he will try a new way to defeat his opponents in season five-

“It’s a new look for Daniel, a fighting look. He has a score to settle and he has some vengeance and he may not do it the traditional way.

A deviation from the traditional ways of defeating your enemy? Sounds exciting!

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As for season five’s main villain, nothing seems to have changed for Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who now controls the Cobra Kai dojo. Another TV series creator, Hayden Schlossberg, gives us some spicy details about Silver’s character in the new season-

“You can see Terry Silver’s vision fully realized. Back in Karate Kid III he had this vision of Cobra Kai taking over the valley and you saw him grab that mic again. He’s ready to rock and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

It looks like season five will give us a lot of laughs, but that certainly doesn’t rule out the idea of ​​seeing Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso have a final showdown at the end of the season.

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How Cobra Kai Star Ralph Macchio Prepared for His Role in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders

The foreigners is Francis Ford Coppola’s impressive coming-of-age drama film that also launched the brat pack genre in the 1980s. The 1983 film was also notable for its inclusion of The Karate Kid featured Ralph Macchio in its cast of young actors.

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Macchio played the role of a child named Johnny Cade, who comes from a poor family and lived with abusive parents in his house. Macchio had already read the book the film was based on, and in an effort to create an authentic portrayal of Cade from the book, he went to extreme measures.

Back in an interview with Parade Magazine in 2017, he recalled when Coppola asked him to do more for his role by going so far as to live on $4 for an entire day.

“I slept outside one night under newspapers, just like Johnny did, and it wasn’t fun. I developed a gait where his toes were a little pointed.

That’s quite the extreme length an actor his age has gone to for him to create the authentic look of a poor kid, but it worked. The foreigners was critically acclaimed upon its release, and most of the applause went to the performances of the upcoming young cast, of which Macchio was a part.

Cobra Kai is currently streaming on Netflix, and its fifth season will be released on September 9 this year.

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