Has Malik Evans Married? Rochester, New York, Mayor Married, Family

Has Malik Evans Married? Rochester, New York, Mayor Married, Family

Malik Evans, the mayor of Rochester, New York, is wed to Shawanda Evans, a stunning woman. Here is all the information you require regarding the Mayor’s private life.

On January 1, 2022, American politician and financier Evan assumed office as mayor of Rochester. He represents the Democratic Party and was a member of the Rochester City Council in the past.

Some of this year’s deadliest and most horrific homicide instances occurred in New York City. The Rochester mayor has now declared Rochester to be in a state of emergency due to the gun violence.

The public and the media have condemned the mayor for this choice. He must maintain order and tranquility in the city, a duty at which he had recently utterly failed.

Malik Evans

Malik Evans

Malik Evans has a wife, right? Marriage information for the mayor of Rochester, New York Malik Evans and his wife Shawanda Evans have been together for a very long period.

When it comes to discussing his private life, the 42-year-old mayor has remained silent. Shawanda, his companion, initially made headlines when he won the mayoral race.

Mrs. Shawanda was seen kissing her husband in celebration. It is the only photo of the couple ever shot in a public setting after the picture went popular on social media.

Her Facebook profile indicates that she went to Roberts Wesleyan College. She later attended Virginia State University, where she eventually earned a Master of Arts degree.

How wealthy is the mayor of Rochester, New York, Malik Evans?

Although Malik Evans hasn’t yet revealed his income, various media outlets have updated his net worth. His net worth is more than $100 million, according to Peopleai.com.

The 42-year-old Evans has previously held positions on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, One Vision, and Youth Voice. One of his earliest positions was as a legislative assistant for former councilman Wade Norwood.

Mr. Evans makes about $250k a year as the mayor of Rochester, New York, as part of his compensation. His additional sources of income are also not yet mentioned in the media.

Families of Malik Evans

The family of Malik Evans consists of his wife Shawanda Evans and their two children.

The mayor of Rochester was the fourth of his parents’ six children. Lawrence Lee Evans, his father, had the greatest impact on him.

Additionally, the Evans family is from the South Wedge’s Hamilton Street. Soon, more information will be updated.

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