Has Aches Gaming Done A Face Reveal? Real Name And Dating

Aches Gaming hid her face in every video and livestream she did, much to the chagrin of her fans.

With her sexually suggestive thumbnails and cute voice, Aches Gaming amassed a huge following who was dying to see what she looks like behind the camera. However, Aches Gaming hasn’t revealed her face, nor is she planning to do so anytime soon.

In general, Aches teases her fans so much on Youtube and Twitch that it has become a part of her brand. As far as being revealed, she posted a picture of her split on her newly made Instagram, and if the comments section is anything to go by, the fans were big fans but also demanded more.

Since Aches has kept so much of her identity a secret, it’s impossible to know if she’ll ever reveal her face. She appears content with her social media fame and did not plan to expand the said fame with revealing the face or revealing anything else related to her person.

Almost everything about Aches is private, and she never shared the reasoning behind the choice. However, various sources close to her have stated that it looks almost like the gif she chose to represent herself in her thumbnails.

He posted several photos claiming to be Aches Gaming, but none of them have been verified, and most of them are completely different.

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