Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, Mike Tomlin Daughter, Son Michael Dean & Mason

Mike Tomlin, whose real name is Michael Pettaway Tomlin, has three kids. His daughter is named Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, and his sons are named Mason Tomlin and Michael Dean Tomlin. Mike is the head coach of the National Football League (NFL) team Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since he joined the team in 2007, he has led the Steelers to two Super Bowls, ten trips to the playoffs, three AFC Championship Games, seven division titles, and a championship in Super Bowl XLIII.

Sean McVay was the oldest person to win the Super Bowl before Tomlin did it at age 36. Tomlin has been a head coach for 15 years and has never had a losing record. This is the longest stretch in NFL history.

On April 20, 2021, he added three years to his contract, making him the head coach of the Steelers until 2024. As of 2021, Tomlin had been the head coach of the Steelers for 15 seasons, the same amount of time as Bill Cowher.

Tomlin met Kiya Winston, who would become his wife, while he was getting a degree in sociology at The College of William & Mary in 1995. He and his family live in Squirrel Hill. He is a Christian and goes to a Christian and Missionary Alliance church.

Mike and Kiya were lucky enough to have three kids. His two sons, Michael Dean and Mason, were born in 2000 and 2002. His daughter, Harlyn Quinn, was born in 2006, making her the youngest of the three.

Mike Tomlin’s Daughter Harlyn Quinn Tomlin Is A Gymnast

Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, the daughter of head coach Mike Tomlin, is a developing gymnast who now competes for Xquisite Gymnastics, a well-known competitive team from all over the country. According to her Instagram bio, she is an Xquisite Gymnastics level 10’24 gymnast.

Harlyn even went to the USA Gymnastics Regional Championship, where she won a lot of gold medals. She also took part in High-Performance Camp 2021. Quinn also has a list of her Xquisite Gymnastics videos on YouTube.

She is putting all of her time and effort into gymnastics right now so she can get into the Olympics. Kiya, her mother, used to be a competitive gymnast. She is thrilled that her daughter has kept up with sports.

Quinn has two accounts on Instagram: @harlyn tomlin2024, which is her gym account, and @harlyntomlin, which is her personal account (her main account). Her gym account, not her main account, is where she seems to be doing most of her posting.

From the pictures and videos, it’s clear that Mike’s daughter is good at this. We hope the best for her and think she’ll be able to go to the Olympics in the future.

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Harlyn, who is 16 years old, is the youngest of five children

Harlyn Quinn Tomlin was born to Mike and Kiya Tomlin in 2006. She is the youngest child in the family. She is 16 years old now and has two older brothers. She is the only girl in the family.

Mike, the head coach of the Steelers, has a daughter named Harlyn. She may not like football as much as her father does, but she likes to be active. The famous kid has been doing gymnastics since he or she was young.

Mike’s first job as a coach was at Virginia Military Institute in 1995 as the wide receivers coach. He worked under head coach Bill Stewart. As a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis in 1996, Tomlin worked with the defensive backs and special teams.

Mike became the 16th head coach of the Steelers on January 27, 2007, even though he had only been a defensive coordinator for one season. Bill Cowher had been on the team for 15 years, but Tomlin took his place.

Harlyn Tomlin’s oldest brother is Michael Dean Tomlin

Michael Dino Tomlin is Mike and Kiya’s first child. He was born in December 2000. He is the oldest child in the family and Harlyn Quinn Tomlin’s older brother.

Dino has always been interested in sports, especially football. As he grew up, he watched his father move up in the sports world. Mike Tomlin’s son was interested in sports when he was very young.

Mike Tomlin also went to his son’s football games as someone else to bring attention to Dino. Dino knows what it takes to be a professional football player because he grew up near a successful NFL team.

Michael took football more seriously as he got older. He practiced every night at the Steelers’ facility and ran routes with his dad’s team. Mike’s eldest son attended Shady Side Academy. According to 247Sports and ESPN, Dino was a three-star prospect in high school.

Tomlin’s son was asked to play for the Army, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, and a few Ivy League schools after he graduated from high school with honors. Instead, he joined the Maryland team and played wide receiver for them.

The 23-year-old didn’t have high hopes for success, so he spent his first year with them playing a lot of games. He did, in fact, spend most of his first season on the bench and only played in two games. Then, as a sophomore or redshirt freshman, Dino played on special teams and as a backup wide receiver in four of the five games.

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Mason Tomlin, Mike Tomlin’s younger son, is also an athlete

Mason Reid Tomlin was born on January 15, 2002, to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and his wife, Kiya Winston. He grew up in Tampa, Florida, with his older brother and younger sister.

Mason went to Shady Side Academy and was a great high school athlete. The coach’s son played basketball, football, track and field, and lacrosse while he was there.

As a senior, Mason won the award for Most Valuable Player and was the captain of the varsity football team. Track and field events that the younger Tomlin took part in were the 100-meter sprint, the 300-meter hurdles, the long jump, and the triple jump.

Mike’s youngest son won the Tri-Athlete Award from the Northern Athletic Directors Association (NADA) for the 2019–2020 school year and graduated in 2020.

Mason and her classmate Addie Todd were both given the award. By the time he was done, eight schools had already offered him letters of recommendation.

After he graduated from Shady Side, Mason got into Columbia College. After going to basketball and football camps over the summer, he decided he wanted to go to college. He is a defensive back for the college team right now.

Who is the daughter of Mike Tomlin?

People know that Harlyn Quinn Tomlin is the daughter of Mike Tomlin, who is the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mike Tomlin has how many sons?

Michael Dean and Mason Tomlin are Mike’s two sons.

Did Mike Tomlin play football at any point?

Tomlin has been a football coach since 1995. He has never played football.

Who Does Mike Tomlin Marry?

Tomlin and his wife Kiya Winston are very happy together.

How old is Mike’s daughter Harlyn Quinn Tomlin?

As of 2022, Mike’s daughter Harlyn Quinn Tomlin is 16 years old.

Early years

Tomlin was born in Hampton, Virginia. He is the younger of two sons; Eddie is three and a half years older. Their father, Ed Tomlin, played football at Hampton Institute in the 1960s. The Baltimore Colts picked him up, and he later played in the Canadian Football League for the Montreal Alouettes. The elder Tomlin died in January 2012 in Ocala, Florida, from what seemed to be a heart attack. He was 63 years old. Tomlin hardly knew his birth father, though. He was raised by Julia and Leslie Copeland, who married when Tomlin was six years old and became his mother and stepfather.

Tomlin went to Denbigh High School in Newport News, Virginia, from which he graduated in 1990. He got his degree from the College of William and Mary and joined Kappa Alpha Psi. In 1994, he was chosen for the second team All-Yankee Conference as a wide receiver.

Coaching is a job

In 1995, he got his start as a coach at Virginia Military Institute, where he worked as the wide receiver coach under head coach Bill Stewart. Tomlin worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis during the 1996 season. He helped with the defensive backs and special teams. After a short time coaching at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Tomlin was hired in 1997 to coach the defensive backs at Arkansas State University. Tomlin stayed there for two years before the University of Cincinnati hired him to be their defensive backs coach.

League of American Football

Tomlin was hired as the defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001 by head coach Tony Dungy. It was there that he first learned the Tampa 2 defense, which he would later use in other coaching jobs.

Tomlin stayed on with the Buccaneers after Jon Gruden took over as head coach. In 2002 and 2005, the Buccaneers had the best defense in the NFL (fewest yards allowed per game). During Tomlin’s time as coach, the defense never came in lower than sixth place overall. In January 2003, when the Buccaneers won Super Bowl XXXVII, they set a Super Bowl record by intercepting the ball five times. Three of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns.

Defensive coordinator

In 2006, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings, chose Tomlin to be his defensive coordinator.

Two Vikings players were older than Tomlin, and Tomlin and Vikings safety Darren Sharper had played together at William and Mary. The 2006 Vikings had the eighth-best overall defense in the NFL. However, they were the best defense against running the ball, but the worst defense against passing the ball.

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