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Frankie McNelis hails from various family foundations. Her mother, Agnes McNelis, is initially from the Philippines and her father, John McNelis, is alleged to be white.

Frankie McNelis is a Filipino-American singer, artist and artist. Frankie, located in Los Angeles, California, started her career as a singer and later took up acting.

Some of her popular tunes include Ready, Opportunity, What We’ve Been Looking For, and Best In The Room, just to name a few.

Furthermore, Frankie’s acting credits include Honey Girls and 13: The Musical. A person from Akapop! Kids, McNelis is also a talented artist.

Who are the parents of Frankie McNelis? Meet John and Agnes McNelis Frankie McNelis was born to sons John and Agnes McNelis on March 28, 2006.

The up-and-coming artist was born in Los Angeles where she also spent the early long periods of her life as a young woman. Frankie comes from a family of three relatives: sisters Alexis and Elsa, and brother Gomel.

Frankie’s mother Agnes is dynamic on Instagram and routinely shares pictures of her relatives. Furthermore, upon investigating Agnes’ Instagram, it appears that the young artist’s members are not together anymore. Frankie’s mother hasn’t shared her dad’s photo yet, which is why John McNelis’ personality has been kept secret.

While Agnes routinely updates her online entertainment, McNellis’ father John cannot be reached on any virtual entertainment stage.

Is Frankie McNeills Asian? Her ethnicity and religion, Frankie McNelis, is half Asian because her mother hails from a Filipino institution.

Born to guardians of various institutions, Frankie boasts a mixed nationality that includes Filipino and American heritage. The mother of the young artist Agnes is initially from the Philippines. Although her father is apparently white.

The entertainer, once again, has not revealed her religion. In view of her entertainment publications on the Internet, she does not appear to be of a strict nature. Who is Frankie McNelis? Age & Wikipedia Bio Frankie McNellis is an American Entertainer from a Filipino Foundation.

Frankie McNelis was born in 2006 and is now 16 years old. She started her career as a singer and eventually went on to act. Recently, she acted as Lucy in the Netflix movie, 13: The Musical.

Other than acting and singing, Frankie is also a talented guitarist and picture director.

When discussing her virtual entertainment presence, Frankie’s fame is growing on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She has proactively created a fan base of almost 10k on Instagram, where she shares a look at her expert and single life.

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