Find Out About The Parents Of Blind Skier

Jacob Smith: Meet the parents of blind skaters

Jacob Smith’s parents are proud of him after his legendary run through the most dangerous locations in the Big Couloir.

Jacob Smith is a well-known blind skater who keeps chasing his dream no matter what. He is now known all over the world for his talent and skills.

Many people were motivated and inspired by the story of a young boy who lost his sight at a young age but made it to the top. At this time, CBS 60 Minutes told the story of how the little boy got his wish.

Let’s get to know more about the blind skater’s inspiring life story and the way he lives, because his family couldn’t be happier for him.

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Jacob Smith, a blind 15-year-old, skied well on the most difficult slope, which made his parents proud. His inspiring life story is currently being told on CBS 60 Minutes.

Nathan Smith, his father, helped him the most in his skating career. He guides him into the narrow pitfalls and tells him about the slopes.

“You have to be his eyes,” Charyn Alphonse asked Nathan on CBS’ 60 Minutes. He replied, “Yes.” Father and son seem to trust each other very much, and Jacob seems to trust his father with all his heart.

Sometimes his dad misses something or forgets to tell him, but the young skater has a better way of dealing with that. So it only makes sense that his mother would be happy for him and his family and support his career.

Jacob Smith’s father, Nathan, wanted to take him back to the slopes after he lost his sight, but he didn’t want to use ropes and signals to help him go down.

Who are Jacob Smith’s parents?

Nathan Smith and Mrs. Smith had a child named Jacob Smith. When he was eight years old, they spotted his eyes.

When they realized what was wrong, they took him to the hospital and found that he could no longer see. His father helped him ski by teaching him how to go around the cliff.

On the other hand, his mother was proud of him for wanting to pursue his dream. Since he was three years old, he grew up in a family that loved to skate.

Nathan’s father is a farmer who lives in North Dakota and takes his kids skiing at Big Sky Resort often. Jacob has spoken of his mother before, saying, “One day, I clapped in the kitchen and asked my mother if she could feel the vibrations.”

Does Jacob Smith have any other children? Find out his country and race.

Jacob Smith grew up with Julia, Andrew and Preston, his three brothers, who often helped him skate.

He’s American, but we don’t know what his background is. Jacob does not remember much about his life with his siblings before he was eight years old.

Regardless, they seemed to have the strongest bond in the family.

Who is Jacob Smith dating now?

Today, Jacob Smith does not appear to have a girlfriend. He is 15 years old and seems to be putting in more effort into skating now.

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