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An experienced American bullfighter, Ryan Dirteater has been named mentor for the 2022 All American Team USA Wolves. Is Dirteater his real name? We must find out.

Despite having retired from an expert riding career, the 33-year-old American never missed a major opportunity to become a controversial issue on the web. He was chosen as one of six mentors to address the United States at the 2022 PBR World Cup.


The 33-year-old American finished the shoe in 2020. From that moment on, he started his career as a mentor. He served as a Distinguished Collaborating Consultant in 2020 after suffering from fissures in the upper thoracic spine.

He played Dirteater 12 PBR World Finals, a great feat for any expert bull rider. In 2016, he grew up as president. Whatever it was, his career was riddled with wounds.

Ryan Dirttier | PBR Rider – Real Name Revealed Ryan Dirteater, an expert American PBR rider, finds it interesting when people get some information about his real name.

In an interview with a web diary, the 33-year-old discussed his last name. Find out that Dirteater is his real name. During his school days, his classmates would urge him on his last name.

Despite the fact that his last name sounds very surprising, his last name comes from his native American heritage. He feels happy about his tribal history and legacy.

The 33-year-old American rider has also discovered that he feels happy when someone asks him to sign. Despite his last name, he is well known by his nickname, Cherokee Kid.

Our captain put first points for # Hahaha on the plate! pic.twitter.com/ejOrXawlDn

– Nashville Stampede (@Nash_Stampede) August 6, 2022

Ryan Dirteater Net Worth in 2022 According to a few media sources, the total assets of Ryan Dirteater are estimated to be around $6 million from all of 2022.

The 33-year-old American PBR rider has earned around $1.5 million in his expert career. Moreover, inviting him as a mentor brought him a large amount of money.

Apart from being an expert contender, he is a financial specialist and also owns a pony farm. Furthermore, he has joined a reputable brand, Ariane International.

Meet Ryan Dirttier’s wife, April Dirttier, Ryan Dirttier, linked to his gorgeous wife, April Dirttier.

The American bull rider made the deal with April in January of this year. He took to Instagram to share his wedding photos. From that point on, two or three were sharing an honest promiscuity.

Besides, April, Ryan’s other significant other, is a wellness mentor. She runs a health community called The Addition Dietitian. For additional data, you can follow her on Instagram under the username @the_addition_dietitian.

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