Does Ons Jabeur have a child with her husband, Karim Kamoun?

Does Ons Jabeur have a child with her husband, Karim Kamoun?

Ons Jabeur And Husband

Ons Jabeur And Husband

Ons Jabeur is married to Karim Kamoun, who is likely one of Tunisia’s best male tennis players.

Ons Jabeur is a 27-year-old tennis player from Tunisia. He was born on August 28, 1994. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) now ranks her as the No. 2 player in the world. This was done on June 27, 2022.

Ons Jabeur, a pro tennis player, was ranked seventh on the WTA. She is the best player from the Middle East and the first Tunisian player to ever do well.

In her career, she has worked on two major titles, and about 64% of the time, she has won. Fans find it strange to hear about her past relationships, especially with Karim Kamoun, who is now her husband.

Does Ons Jabeur’s husband, Karim Kamoun, and she have a child?

Ons Jabeur and her husband, Karim Kamoun, do not have a child on the way right now. The pair hasn’t said anything about the pregnancy on social media yet, though.

Ons Jabeur is a well-known tennis player who is known for marrying Karim Kamoun.

Before they got married in 2015, they had been seeing each other for a long time. They haven’t said yet how they met or how long they were together, though.

Aside from that, there are many questions about Karim’s details that haven’t been answered online. He doesn’t want his wife’s fame to take away from his own. The famous husband was a former fencer who liked to go hiking in the woods.

Karim has also helped his wife with her professional work. He cheers for Ons the most on the court and is her biggest fan.

Ons Jabeur Family: An Overview of Her Family

On August 28, 1994, Samira and Ridha Jabeur brought their son Ons Jabeur into the world in the small Tunisian village of Ksar Hellal. She grew up in Sousse, a bigger beach town close by.

Jabeur has a sister named Yasmine and two brothers named Hatem and Marwen who are older than him. When she was three, her mother taught her how to play tennis for the first time.

Jabeur worked with coach Nabil Mlika from the time she was four years old until she was thirteen. She first worked with him in a tennis promotion centre at her school.

When she was 10, she could only play tennis at nearby hotels because her club didn’t have its own courts.

When Jabeur was 12, she moved to the capital city of Tunis to train at the Lycée Sportif El Menzah, which is a national sports high school for aspiring athletes. She stayed there for a number of years.

Ons Jabeur’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Ons Jabeur’s great career has given her a net worth of about $7 million. From her fights, Jabeur has won a crazy $5,813,092 in prize money.

The 27-year-old athlete has definitely made a name for herself as a top-tier player, and she definitely gets paid for it.

Before Jabeur won her first two Grand Slam main-draw matches at the 2017 French Open, she was one of 12 athletes to get a grant from the Grand Slam Development Fund for International Players. In 2020, Qatar Airways began to support her.

Jabeur won the 2019 Arab Woman of the Year Award for sports after making it to the third round of the US Open and getting into the top 100 that year.

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