Does Fabien Frankel Have A Girlfriend? Dating Life Of House of The Dragon’s Most Eligible Man

There were instances when Fabien Frankel was photographed with Jenna Coleman, but two of them have never confirmed anything. Besides, they were co-actors in the Netflix drama, The Serpent. 

They were spotted attending Wimbledon Tennis Championships on July 9, 2021, in London, England. Jenna had broken up with Tom Hughes at that time and was single. 

But, in February 2022, she was seen strolling around hand-hand in Islington with Jamie Childs, the director of The Sandman. They were rumored to be dating since late December 2021, as per Daily Mail. 

Criston Cole and Rhaenyra Targaryen Love Story 

Fabien may not be in love, but his character in House of Dragons, Criston Cole, is said to have a complex love life. Some theories said Daemon had provided explicit lessons to Princess Rhaenyra to seduce the noble knight, Cole. But, when she approached him, he rejected her in shock. 

However, in the series, the Princess loses her virginity to her guard, Cole, after Daemon ditches her. As a result, several speculations and different versions of the story regarding Rhaenyra and Cole’s relationship exist. 

In the original Fire and Ice, another version of the story goes around, which says that Cole once went to Rhaenyra’s chambers to confess his love for her. Moreover, he asked her to run away with him to one of the free cities and continue their lives while he pledged his sword to some merchant prince.

But the Princess rejects it saying that if he could forget his Kingsguard vows, he could forget the wedding vows too.

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