Dmitry Kulikov And His Wife Emelie Olsson Live Between South Florida and California | Read

Ice hockey player Dmitry Kulikov and his other half Emil Olsson are in their seventh year of marriage. Many of them have two charming children together.

Dmitry is currently associated with the Anaheim Ducks in the NHL. Already, he has played for the Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Fallen Angels, Bison Sabers, and Winnipeg Planes.

He also addressed Russia at two FIFA U-18 World Cups: Finland in 2007 and Russia in 2008. Likewise, he played for the Russian group at the 2009 Junior Ice Hockey World Titles.

Meet NHL Star Dmitry Kulikov’s Wife Emelie Kulikova NHL Star Dmitry Kulikov married his delightful wife Emelie Kulikova on July 5, 2015. They just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary. Around 2019, Emelie gets a temporary job at a gemstone retailer in downtown Winnipeg. Mrs. Kulikova looked for an assignment because she needed to work on something for her and find a hobby beyond hockey. Additionally, she is raising their two children, Maxton and Evelina.

Dmitry’s significant other, Emelie, is very well known on Instagram, where she goes under the heading emeliekulikova. She has 3,778 followers on IG with 2,037 posts as of November 25, 2022.

Emily appears relaxed as she also kept her IG profile hidden now. And over time, she is a strong wife for Dmitry, who generally pushes him to get better.

Dmitry is 32 years old. Born in Lipetsk, Russian SFSR, USSR, on October 29, 1990.

While Emily may be in her mid-30s given her outward appearance, the Kulikoffs may be of similar age or have the distinction of being only two or three years old.

Dmitri Kulikoff and his better half Emily Kulikova have two guys together Anaheim Duck defender Dmitri Kulikoff is the happy father of two kids i.e. baby Maxton and little girl Evelina. Currently, the oldest and youngest child of Dmitri Maxton is five years old. In 2019, the couple called their second little one Evelina (a girl).

The NHL player often posts pictures of his kids on the photo sharing stage. On May 7, 2020, his son Maxton made his introduction on Dmitry’s Instagram @dkuli7.

A father of two never misses an opportunity to invest quality energy with his loved ones. In one of Dmitry’s Instagram posts, little Maxton is seen practicing for a game of hockey with his dad.

The Kulikoffs, with their two children, are investing energy between South Florida and California. On January 1, 2021, Dmitry posted an adorable New Year’s family photo.

Fascinating Facts about Dimitri Kulikoff’s Wife Emily Kulikova Emily Kulikova lives between South Florida and California with her better half and their two kids. Emily Kulikova worked in a gem store in downtown Winnipeg in 2019 because she needed a daily existence outside of hockey. In 2019, Kulikova and her half announced the presentation of their daughter (Evelina) in Boca Raton, Florida. Emily’s baby Maxton is currently five years old, born around 2017. Kulikova is dynamic on Instagram like @emeliekulikova, and is private now. Emily is a full-time mom to Maxton and Evelina. She devotes all her opportunity to children.

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