Did Collins Key Quit Youtube? What Happened To His Videos?

More than 21.6 million people follow Collins Key on YouTube. He is one of the best-paid YouTubers, making between $2.5 and $5.5 million a year.

Key says that he is an actor, a host, a magician, and an entertainer. He first became well-known after he did well on America’s Got Talent.

Most of the videos on his YouTube channel are funny, and he has worked with big brands like Johnson & Johnson, Disney, General Mills, and Unilever.

Collins Key

Collins Key

Did Collins Key Quit Youtube? Collins Key Status After AGT

There is no news about Collins Key leaving YouTube, so it seems like he didn’t. As the news got out, his supporters got very worried. He might be busy somewhere, and if he wants to quit, he might tell the media about it.

He is from the United States and works as a magician, an actor, and a YouTuber. More than 21 million people subscribe to his channel, and more than 170 million people watch it every month. As of December 2020, more than 5.4 billion people will have watched it at least once in their lives. As a magician, he was a finalist on the ninth season of America’s Got Talent. Later, he performed on Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour.

Key was part of an AT&T advertising campaign called “The Disappearing Girl,” for which he won several awards. Key has also been nominated for a lot of Teen Choice Awards.

When Key was 16, the producers of America’s Got Talent found him on YouTube and asked him to be a part of their eighth season. Key was the first magician to make it to the final round of the show.

People often call him “Magic’s First Pop Star.” In 2013, he went all over the country with America’s Got Talent, stopping in 36 places over the course of six weeks.

What Happened To Collins Key Videos? Why Is He Not Making Videos?

Since about six months ago, Collins Key Videos hasn’t kept any videos. Being a successful YouTube creator can be hard, but one thing is certain: you need a plan.

He hasn’t said why he doesn’t want to keep the videos, so no one knows.

At the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, Key was nominated for Choice Male Web Star and Choice Comedy Web Star. In 2018, he was the main act at the YouTube FanFest in Mumbai, India. In 2020, he had 22.5 million people following him on YouTube.

Key was the first digital producer to be given the chance to come up with and make six weeks of content in between Disney Channel’s Friday Night Lineup for the upcoming Fall Season.

After his debut on America’s Got Talent, he focused on making his YouTube channel better. In two years, the number of people who watched it went from 2 million to 18 million. Most of the YouTube videos his brother Devan Key posts are funny.

He also wrote, produced, and starred in the web series The Disappearing Girl, which was made with AT&T. A Streamy Award, a Shorty Award, an AdWeek Arc Award, and a Cannes Lions Award were given to the show.

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