CrazySlick’s s*xual assault allegations: AdrianahLee’s old clip Explained

The sexual assault claims against CrazySlick

A Twitch writer named AdrianahLee has come forward to back up Trainwrecks’ claims that former streaming partners Mizkif and Maya kept quiet about her claims that their friend CrazySlick sexually assaulted her. She says that thing happened in January 2020.

AdrianahLee said in a tweet that a made-up story about the supposed event showed how crazy she was a year after it supposedly happened. Slick followed her around and tried to kiss her after she fell asleep. She was then seen rubbing her neck and chest with her hand.

AdrianahLee says that CrazySlick “did it out of worry to see if she was still alive.” She said she didn’t rape or hurt her, but she wasn’t sure if that was true.

Instead, he left him feeling awkward. Trainwreck said that Mizkif sent Maya to hide all of the sexual assaults as soon as possible, on September 19. This made AdrianahLee explain the situation, which helped him prove his claims fully.

The trouble started on September 20, when Tyler “Trainwreckstv” and Mizkif got into a fight on Twitter. This was after ItsSliker got into trouble for gambling and “scamming.”

After some back-and-forth, Trainwrecks said that Mizkif had covered up an alleged sexual assault involving CrazySlick, who lived with Mizkif.

After this, AdrianahLee, a Twitch streamer, went on her Twitch channel and talked about it. She said that CrazySlick put his hands on her chest while she was out and kept saying, “I’m checking her pulse.”

AdrianahLee, a Twitch streamer, plays an old video of Mizkif in which he seems to admit that CrazySlick sexually assaulted him.

At 1:40, a viewer shared an old Mizkif YouTube video in which he talked about CrazySlick.

“Look, I don’t think anyone we used to hang out with doesn’t hang out with Slick anymore because of what happened. I really don’t think there is any. Because the truth is, if things get worse, it’s kind of like sexual harassment, right?”

“I hate the idea that because he didn’t r*pe her, it’s okay. He only touched her in an unwelcome way. Like, I don’t see how that fits into a story. How does that make it alright? Girls don’t talk about this stuff because things like this get pushed under the rug.

The Twitch streamer spoke about the MeToo movement

” Why? The MeToo movement, which started in f***ing Hollywood, is a thing. People don’t want to risk their careers and lose them because they were touched in an inappropriate way. They were not treated right.”

AdrianahLee gave an example of one of her chats on Twitch:

“But we can’t say anything, because look at my f***ing chat on Twitch. Look at how people are always trying to make things worse. Any reason they can think of.”

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The streaming community talks about an old video by Mizkif on YouTube

When AdrianahLee’s livestreaming fail was posted on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, it went straight to the top of the forum’s threads.

Why in the F*CK would he say that? Some of the dumbest people on earth are these streamers.

He said that and got away with it because he thought he was unbeatable, which makes sense. He said that a year ago, and people still watch him. Why wasn’t this brought up when he said it a year ago? I hope this situation gets worse and more of these gremlins are found out.

When you know that thousands of kids look up to you as a god and will do whatever you say, you develop something called a “ego.” Ego that makes you think you’re God until you face the truth.

I don’t think this was as bad as it looked before Maya’s stream. If what Maya said is true, Adriana told her that at the time she didn’t want to call it assault or rape, but she felt uncomfortable. Then, doesn’t Mizkif say that it wasn’t as bad as people thought it was at the time? at least based on what his girlfriend told him. And him saying that no one cared is true, because after a few days, no one did care.

Why is the man always guilty until he can prove that he is not? Today, every woman can say she was raped, and we have to believe her every time. That isn’t right.

I just want to know when Twitter and Twitch became legal. When I was younger, if someone was being bothered or hurt, the police were called and charges were filed. If he is guilty, you should call the police. Isn’t that what people who aren’t liked do?

After claims of sexual assault, Mizkif says CrazySlick is “missing” and has sent goodbye messages:

Streamers Mizkif and Trainwreck got into a fight on Twitter while people talked about gambling content on Twitch.

But Train’s shocking claim that Mizkif had helped “cover up” sexual assault charges turned their argument into a dark one.

Later, AdrianahLee confirmed that the claims Train was making about her and CrazySlick, a streamer who is close to Mizkif, were true.

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After Lee, both Mizkif and her ex-girlfriend Maya asked her to keep some things secret

Since the scandal started, Mizkif hasn’t been streaming, but he has been active in a number of Twitch discussions, including his offline chat. As he spoke there, he said, “I worry about him.” He’s not there. He said he was going to a girl’s house, but I don’t know where he is.

About two hours later, as his worries grew, he posted, “None of us know where Slick is. Slick told some of us goodbye, but he hasn’t said anything to the rest of us yet. Please let me know if any of you know Slick or have a contact who does.

Mizkif said that about 20 minutes later, the police were called to ask about Slick. He also said, “We called everything. I made a police report.

As of the time this was written, neither Mizkif nor Slick had given any more information. Slick had tweeted soon after the claims came out, “I have never sexually assaulted anyone, and I never will.” I never, ever wanted to hurt anyone. When I try to check on someone, it’s not fair that I’m then accused of rape. I’m going to get a lawyer as soon as possible. After the Johnny Depp thing, you should think before you speak.

A series of recent events have put Twitch star CrazySlick in a sticky situation. Adrianah “AdrianahLee,” another streamer, said that the 23-year-old did something sexually wrong. The second person said that in January 2020, CrazySlick made unwant
ed advances toward her. CrazySlick has more than 78K followers on the Amazon-owned platform and is close to other streamers like Maya and Matthew “Mizkif.”

Tyler “TrainwreckTV” said on Twitch that Mizkif and Maya were covering up for “sexual assaults,” which started all the trouble. He also said that Matthew had used Tyler and other girls as “hostages.” After a revealing tweet, Adrianah came forward to say that CrazySlick was the person she thought was responsible.

What has CrazySlick said about the claims?

Since the accusations were made public, Slick has made a statement. In a tweet that has since been deleted, he denied all accusations and said that he only wanted to help Adrianah and not take advantage of her. He yelled out:

“I’ve never done anything sexually wrong to anyone, and I never will. I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone, and I never will. I went out of my way to check on someone and now I’m being accused of rape. This is wrong, and I’m going to get a lawyer as soon as possible. Learn from what happened to Johnny Depp and think quickly.”

Adrianah said that the streamer took advantage of her sexually by touching her inappropriately while she was drunk. She also said that both Maya and Mizkif had done something to shut her up. This is what the 22-year-old said:

“They told me, ‘It’s fine! Just tell us what happened so we don’t have to throw Slick out. We’ll find a compromise so Slick doesn’t have to leave. You’ll be fine’”

Adrianah also said that Maya might have changed her first statement because she is close with CrazySlick. She showed a Twitch clip of how Mizkif casually talked about the whole thing. Matthew is heard calling it “low-level sexual harassment.”

Zack “Asmongold,” who used to be friends with CrazySlick and is in the same group as Mizkif, has also weighed in. He said:

“I don’t care if you touched her on the chest or not, you’re a creepy f**king piece of sh*t!”

No one knows for sure if CrazySlick has been charged with anything so far. Since the deleted tweet, the person from Austin hasn’t said anything about what happened.

The news has spread like wildfire across the internet, where fans are talking about how they feel about it. Corinna Kopf, Ali “Myth,” Felix “xQc,” and Hasan “HasanAbi” are all streamers and influencers who have said something about the whole saga, either in a subtle or clear way. Here are a few responses:

As we’ve already talked about, it’s still not clear if the mess will lead to any legal action. Since CrazySlick has hinted that he might hire a lawyer, the story could have more chapters.

Before being accused, the 23-year-old was doing a subathon on his Twitch channel. His last stream went for more than 19 hours.

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