Cosmic Love: Are They Still Together?

Cosmic Love: Are They Still Together?

The intriguing dating reality show “Cosmic Love” on Prime Video focuses on 4 individuals or components who must choose their soul mate from a group of 16 single rivals. Although individuals are free to connect of their own free will, the “Astro Chamber,” which gives them guidance and even reveals their compatible matches based on astrological charts, enhances the environment of their journey. It hasn’t been any easier to map love, but it’s interesting to see if astrology can genuinely predict who each ingredient gets along with best.

“Cosmic Lovefirst “‘s season featured a ton of drama, romance, and unexpected turns that kept viewers interested until the very last episode. Candidates won’t be visible to the cameras, but inquisitive viewers need to know where they are right now. Therefore, don’t worry; we now have options!

Connor and Yana: Still Dating?

Connor Shennan appeared in numerous romances on the show, but in the end, he proposed to Yana Orlova, and the two were married in the last episode. The two rarely collaborate in public and have unfollowed one another on social media, which regrettably creates the appearance that they don’t. Furthermore, it appears as though they are leading separate lives because Connor moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he works as a wildland firefighter, while Yana is currently stationed in New York City.

Maria and Chris R. Still Together?

Maria Rodriguez made several attempts to connect with people before settling on Chris Ragusa, and she accepted his marriage proposal. Despite the fact that the episode included footage of their lovely wedding ceremony, we’re inclined to believe that the pair has since broken up. Chris and Maria don’t frequently interact on social media or in public, although they do appear to have unfollowed one another on Instagram. Maria, on the other hand, has a career as a make-up artist out of New York City, while Chris, who is currently residing in Florida, is an entrepreneur.

Jazmin P. and Noel are still together?

According to Noel Allen, Jazmin Potts was his first and easiest match, and they have been close ever since. Noel did explore connecting with new people, but he decided to stick with Jazmin P. and finally proposed to her, leading to their marriage. The good news is that despite the fact that Noel and Jazmin P. don’t frequently interact in public, there have been no reports of a breakup, and since they stay in touch on social media, we can assume that they are still together. It’s interesting to note that while Noel currently resides in Tampa and works as a personal coach and weight reduction program instructor, Jazmin P. is a stylist and hairdresser with a base in Orlando.

Darren and Theresa: Still Dating?

Theresa and Darren initially joined the current as the easiest matches for different sections, but it’s interesting to notice that they quickly realized they had been appropriate for one another. The two decided to join forces and leave this technique as a pair as their relationship became stronger. We are happy to report that recent developments have caused us to believe Theresa and Darren are still together. These components represent their intimacy on social media and the commitment they showed on the current. Since Theresa oversees social media for a business in Nashville and Darren works as a realtor in Houston, Texas, it would seem that they are no longer together.

Phoebe Davis: Where Is She Now?

One of the many characters, Phoebe, joined the group with the hope of finding a husband. Even while she was making headway with a few of her matches, things quickly went south, and the reality star decided that she wanted to advance her career before getting hitched. It’s interesting to note that after the filming was finished, Phoebe returned to San Diego, where she owns and operates a marketing and advertising firm. She has been making waves in the entertainment industry as a model and actress, on the other hand. Unfortunately, it appears like Phoebe will likely remain unmarried as long as there is no indication that she is dating anyone in particular. However, when she was on Cosmic Love, she did forge a number of enduring connections, and she is now content in a house where she is surrounded by family members.

Adrianna Raphaela: Where Is She Now?

Following the completion of the filming, Adrianna relocated to Boca Raton, Florida, where she seems content to be staying close to her family. She currently gives the impression of being unmarried, yet she is a successful molecular biologist who earns a living from her work. The reality star has also made a name for herself in the modeling and acting fields, and she even has her own private swimsuit company, Tres Angeles Swim.

Where is Ana Miranda?

When the filming was finished, Ana, a native of San Diego, went back to her job as a bottle service waitress and bartender. The reality star enjoys to live an active life and always promotes the moments she has on social media, even if she appears to be single at the time.

What’s become of Caleb McDonnell?

Irish by birth, Caleb now resides in Delray Beach, Florida, where he works as a real estate agent. He regretfully abandoned this method and continues to pretend to be single, but he is utterly committed to raising his profession to new heights.

What Happened to Christopher J. Essex?

It’s interesting to note that Chris E seemed to get along well with Maria before Maria chose Chris R over Chris E. As soon as the filming was through, Chris E. returned to his regular routine in Nashville, Texas, and over time he became a well-known country music musician. The reality star merely introduced his new show, “Lie With Me,” to favorable reviews from his audience.

What’s become of Christopher Jones?

Christopher Jones, sometimes known as CJ, believed he had a great chance when he was paired with Maria Rodriguez. Although she loved hanging out with him, Maria saw CJ more as a friend than a potential romantic partner. CJ is currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania studying law and will receive his degree there in 2025. He frequently performs in New York and California.

What’s become of Danae DeSpain?

Although Danae and Connor had a close relationship while she was on the show, Connor ultimately chose to get rid of her and start dating Yana. Danae returned to Bend, Oregon, where she was born and raised, once the filming was finished, and she now seems content to live there with her family. She enjoys traveling a lot, which is interesting, and there are reports that the reality star is aiming to establish her own lifestyle agency.

What’s become of David Christopher?

Despite the fact that David was unable to find his ideal ally on “Cosmic Love,” he does appear to be pretty busy at the moment. The Los Angeles resident is the founder and CEO of his own streaming community, which primarily specializes in health-related shows. Aside from following his interests in professional music and acting, David also shares his experience as a health coach.

What’s become of Jasmine Rudulfo?

Jasmine Rudulfo, one of the first participants to be eliminated from the competition, currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and works as a social media marketer to support herself. Jasmine is entirely focused on her work and enjoying her time with her family, despite the possibility that she is unmarried given the lack of a love interest in her life.

Although Javier didn’t find his true love on the dating reality show, he returned to Atlanta, Georgia, when the filming was over. The reality star, who currently looks to be unmarried, works as a film director and co-founded MVMT TV, which offers more than 50 free channels focused on dark entertainment. Additionally, he was a founding partner of the production company McIntosh Bros.

What’s become of Morgan Raphael?

The manager of the well-being website online Bun Undone, Morgan, a Penn State University alumna, currently resides in the Greater Chicago Area. Although Morgan started her blog in 2017, she has since grown her business and written a self-care book. Unfortunately, she currently seems to be dating someone else while enjoying the happiest days of her life.

Phillip Newhard: Where Is He Now?

Phoebe turned Phillip down despite his readiness to do everything in his power for her because she wanted to focus on improving herself before dating. As a result, Phillip returned to his regular routine after the filming was finished and regularly commutes between Cape Cod and New York City. The reality star makes a living as an actual estate investor and looks to lead a self-sufficient but comfortable life.

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