Christian and Matthew Bono death aftermath: Beth Turban arrest

Death of Christian and Matthew Bono: Beth Ann Turpan Arrest

Death of Christian and Matthew Bono: A year after the death of Nehemiah Turpan and the deaths of the Bono brothers, 36-year-old Pete Turpan was arrested on three counts of misdemeanor of allowing an open house party – resulting in serious bodily injury or death.

Pete Anne Turpan, mother of the late Nehemiah Turpan, was accused of serving alcoholic beverages to her son during his sixteenth birthday celebration and to the Bono brothers before they had an accident that led to their deaths.

The death of Nehemiah Turban and the death of Christian and Matthew Bono – The death of the Bono brothers after death

According to investigators, teens Nehemiah, Christian, and Matthew were coming from a house party at Turpan’s home where police said Pete allegedly served alcohol to the juveniles. Investigators said the three teens left home to buy ping pong balls for beer pong.

Port St Lucy police said cell phone data and surveillance video recordings from Walmart showed the teens were driving through the parking lot just minutes before the fatal accident.

Christian’s blood alcohol percentage was said to be 0.217, more than double the legal limit of 0.08. Nehemiah was 0.092, according to court records, according to TCPalm.

WTVX West Palm reported that police said in a statement:

“We hope that adults who read this and who are considering giving juveniles alcohol. Not only is it illegal, but your actions can also have tragic, unintended consequences.”

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