Chris Byrnes: Is He Dead? What Happened To Him? – Wingsuit Base Jumper Death News Update?

Chris Byrnes: Is He Dead? What Happened To Him? – Wingsuit Base Jumper Death News Update?

Chris Byrnes

Chris Byrnes

According to certain unsubstantiated statements on social media, wingsuit base jumper Chris Byrnes is said to have passed away on July 19, 2022.

At the age of 19, YouTube helped Byrnes become well-known for his wingsuiting.

Chris Byrnes: Is He Dead?

Many unauthorized sources claim that Chris Byrnes may have passed away. The wingsuit base jumper’s formal statement of death has not yet been made public, thus it is unclear whether he genuinely passed away or whether the claim is a hoax.

Chris is a world record holder, wingsuit instructor, and champion wingsuit skydiver in addition to being a wise and decent person in general. He had completed 1,261 skydives and 588 base jumps as of June 29, 2019. Christopher Thomas Byrnes is his complete name.

News Update on the Death of Wingsuit Base Jumper Chrish Byrnes

The death of skydiver Chris Byrnes has not yet been officially confirmed. Just four days ago, he last updated his Instagram page. He recalled some of Todd Davis’ favorite moments from his first day at The Crack.

In the Instagram post’s comment section, many individuals responded “Rip brother!” It appears that the remarks only pointed out the jumpers’ audacity. Base jumping, skydiving, and wingsuit flying are not for the weak of heart and demand adequate guts for the challenge.

People might have assumed that the base jumper had passed away after reading the comments. However, no official statements of Byrnes’ passing have been made public to this point. The thrill seeker must be doing well and seeking for new adventures.

What Has Chris Byrnes Been Up To?

The death of Chris Byrnes has recently been making the rounds online. Concern over the base jumper is growing, and people want to know the truth. However, no information regarding his health is made public.

The wingsuit athlete’s most recent Instagram post was four days ago, while his latest Facebook post was on July 5, 2022. Chris frequently shares his thoughts on what it takes to be an effective wingsuit pilot on social media.

Every weekend, vacation, and free moment Chris had in his early years was spent honing his talents and learning about the sky at the drop zone. After practicing skydiving for a few months and completing 70 jumps, he had his first accident and tore his quadriceps muscle on a difficult landing.

Age – Wiki Bio of Chris Byrnes

At the moment, Chris Byrnes is 34 years old. On March 23, 1988, in Toowoomba, he shared the hospital with his twin brother Timothy Michael Byrnes, who arrived three minutes earlier.

Graham and Patricia Byrnes are his parents’ names.

After some time, he made the decision to work as an insurance salesperson. He was eventually able to start saving for skydiving thanks to this work. His focus quickly shifted to skydiving, and in 2015, after being certified, he started working as a skydive and wingsuit coach.

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