Change Days Season 2 Couples: Who Decided to Stay Together and Break Up?

A Korean dating reality show called Change Days () is hosted by Jang Do-yeon, Code Kunst, Yang Se-chan and Heo Young-ji. There are 16 episodes in Season 2 of Change Days.

Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-hyeon, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-yeon, Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi, and Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu are among the couples featured in Change Days season 2 .

As our four couples decide how to handle their relationships, Season 2 of Change Days came to an end this week. The series brought us a dramatic final episode that featured the final date between our original couples to air their complaints and help them come to a decision. After going through various ups and downs, dating and learning more about themselves, they had many ups and downs.

By the end, audiences were speculating who would actually end up with whom. While some decisions shocked us, others did not. However, there was a very relevant and intriguing quality to the decisions of the couples and the issues they encountered. So we were left in shock for all the suitors and wished them luck in making the biggest decision for themselves when they finally put their rings on or not.

All pairs showed development; some had a better understanding of themselves, which improved their relationship. However, some people became aware of the way they behaved towards their partners and started to see them differently, which allowed them to rekindle their relationship. Unfortunately for some, that didn’t happen because they couldn’t agree on a solution to their problems and find a way to reconnect. Although terrible, this is probably the best course of action – happier separately than unhappy together.

Change days season 2

Change days season 2

What happened to the couples in Season 2 of Change Days?

Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-hyeon

Despite having a solid relationship, Jeong-hun and Hui-hyeon had problems because of his upcoming military service. In the last episode, we learned that Jeong-hun was also unable to express his needs and desires and simply followed Hui’s instructions. Hyeon’s We saw Jeong-hun as a quiet and reserved man, so it’s likely that she has no knowledge of these things.

Hui-hyeon made the decision to be with Jeong-hun, but it was really his decision that mattered the most as he had to decide if he wanted his lover to wait for him for two years or just let her go and live. her life as it rained.

He also chose to be with her and for once selfishly asked her to wait for him, which was lucky for them and for us. His decision delighted the public!

Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-yeon

Tae-immaturity wan’s and Hye-egotism yeon’s were an odd couple that made us wonder why they were together in the first place. They were a rather unstable couple from day one. Even though Hye-yeon made it very difficult for people to support her, it was clear that they both loved each other.

Hye-yeon changed her mind and realized that frank dialogue could go a long way when Tae-wan finally gave up after multiple occurrences and conversations. As a result, the status quo of their relationship was changed. She’s begged and begged him to give her a chance in more recent episodes, and we’ve actually seen her transform.

Despite my personal opinion that the drama surrounding the lyrics was excessive considering they’ve only been dating for nine months, I guess the lyrics were just the beginning and a number of factors combined to eventually bring Tae-wan to doubt his relationship.

When it appeared that their relationship was going to end horribly, Tae-wan made the decision to give his girlfriend one last chance as he knew she was really trying to make things better.

Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi

I believe the main distinction between Tae-wan and Hye-yeon and Yun-seul and Hyo-gi was that the former were genuinely able to get along rather than running around in circles. They just never managed to get on the same page, so that’s what Yun-seul and Hyo-gi missed. You realize they are very different people by the end of the show. Also, you wouldn’t want to date someone who humiliated their partner in public in front of everyone.

Of course, they both had issues and eventually made the decision to go their separate ways. It’s tragic, but you understand why they made their decision.

Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu

The most enjoyable part was watching Ji-yu gain confidence, communicate more clearly, and express his emotions. It was fantastic, and we all agreed that she would discover and pursue her happiness. While we adore Ji-yu as a person, what she had in the past was actually pretty awful. Do-hyeong, however, also overcame Ji-past yu’s deception.

Both of them could relate to the conversation they had a few episodes before, in which Ji-yu finally admitted to her that she wasn’t happy in their relationship at the time and that her idealized memories of them two do not match his. . It was a surprising experience, and Jeong’s influence gave her more confidence.

In the end, they both decided to stick together because despite their differences, they cared about each other and the majority of conflicts can be resolved with good communication.

Are the Change Days Season 2 couples still together?

We combed through their social media accounts to find out more, but no one else really acknowledged their weddings on their feeds, except for Hui-hyeon, who shared the most beautiful photos of her and Jeong-hun together. Hyo-gi is understandable, but we would like to know if the others are happy and like each other. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit.

Which contestant or couple did you adore the most? Tell us in the remarks section below!

Netflix offers Change Days for streaming.

Overview of modification days

Jang Do-yeon, Code Kunst, Yang Se-chan and Heo Young-ji are the hosts of the Korean reality show Change Days. The show centers on four couples who struggle to be together and have one last chance to choose their partners. They can choose to date other people and be with their new partners only, return to previous relationships, or stay single. They go on dates with several people to get a feel for things before making up their minds after 12 days.

Change Days Season 2 Episode 2 Preview

Change delivery days

This season’s hosts are Jang Do-yeon, Code Kunst, Yang Se-chan, and Heo Young-ji. The contestants are Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-hyeon, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-yeon, Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi, Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu, Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo -gi and Kim

Modify the layout of the days

According to the synopsis provided by KakaoTV, the show follows “four couples who consider separating for their own reasons as they travel together.” They decided to swap partners for two weeks and go on a date to try and rekindle the long-lost spark that once existed between them. Will he be able to come back and get the hammer blow he was looking for the first time around? Who will be there when you try to get it, assuming you succeed?

Where to watch Change Days

The dating reality show is currently available to stream on KakaoTV, as well as on Netflix at select locations.

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