CBS 60 Minutes Delves Into Hope Chicago Founder Pete Kadens And His Wife’s Work In The Business

Pete Kadens is a successful businessman who gives back to his community in a big way. At the moment, he is the chairman of The Kadens Family Foundation, a non-profit whose goal is to get rid of the growing gaps in wealth and education in the U.S.

After working in sales and finance at UBS to start his career, he finally made it to the top and became the head of the National Association of Sales Outsourcers.

He also helped start Green Thumb Industries, which is now the second-largest cannabis company in the world and has a market value of over $6 billion.

The founder of Hope Chicago, Pete Kaden, tells his story in a CBS 60 Minutes interview.

 Pete Kadens

Pete Kadens

The story of Pete Kadens has been moved forward by the world-famous CBS show “60 Minutes”

Hope Chicago is his second scholarship group. It helps and encourages a parent or guardian from each family to go to college.

In 2020, Kaden also gave scholarships to students in Toledo, which is where he grew up. He has promised to spend $15 million on his scholarship projects.

Pete said on the CBS show 60 Minutes that about 30,000 people will get money from his charity to go to a college or trade school in the Chicago area.

What’s Pete Kadens’ name? Hope Chicago’s Owner and CEO’s Biography on Wikipedia

In the business world, Pete Kadens is a well-known name. He was born in 1978, so in 2022 he turned 43.

Kadens is an American who was born in the city of Toledo, Ohio. In 1996, he finished his early education at Ottawa High School. This is something he says about his education.

He went to Bucknell University in 1996 and got a degree there in 2000. He was an expert in business skills, strategy, and being a leader.

He is one of only twenty people in the world to be chosen by the Aspen Institute as a 2019 Henry Crown Fellow. Each year, one lucky person is chosen for this fellowship if they show they have the potential to start businesses that can help solve one of society’s biggest problems.

Pete has a strong commitment to organizations that help people and their communities. From 2009 to 2018, he was the chairman of StreetWise, one of the best organizations in Chicago that helps homeless people.

How much money does Pete Kadens have in 2022?

Landscapeinsight says that Pete Kadens, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, will have a net worth of about $10 million in 2022.

In 2008, he started SoCore Energy, which is now one of the largest commercial solar companies in the United States. Under his direction, the company added services in 17 states, and the Chicago Innovation Awards named it one of the most creative businesses in the city.

Pete is currently chairman emeritus at StreetWise and is on a number of boards, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

In 2019, the Trailblazer Chicago Award was given to Pete by the Cara Program. Streetwise also gave him an award for being the 2015 Catalyst Man of the Year.

Pete Kadens’s family, including his wife Amy Robbins Kadens,

Pete Kadens married Amy Robbins a few years ago. When they were young, they met for the first time in Toledo. The couple now has three beautiful children.

They are raising their kids to care deeply about other people and want to help them.

The Kadens family owns a company called Headbands of Hope. This company gives hair accessories to children in hospitals using the “one for one” idea.

Pete and Amy set up the Michael and Judith Kadens Scholarship for Diversity in Legal Practice Fund in honor of Pete’s parents. They both know how important their work is.

The fund will also help the University of Toledo fulfill its commitment to social, economic, and cultural diversity. So, the Kandens family is able to live a happy, peaceful life.

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