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In 2022, American jazz musician Ben Tankard has a net worth of $7 million. People usually think that blue music came from the black musical tradition. Jazz is another important kind of music that comes from black culture. Today, we’re going to talk about a person who is often called “the father of gospel jazz.” People think this man is very close to God, and he says the only way to get to God is through music. He has been doing God’s work by making mesmerizing gospel jazz music.

We’re talking about Ben Tankard, a well-known gospel music master. Ben Tankard’s family has always sent pastors to work for God. Ben Tankard is still very busy as the pastor of a church in Tennessee. When he doesn’t have to be a pastor, he likes to spend his time making music that moves people. Ben Tankard is also very busy in front of the camera when he’s not making music. So far, Ben Tankard has been on three religious-themed reality shows. Ben Tankard is a producer and star of one of Bravo TV’s reality shows. He works for Bravo TV. You might also be interested in Smokey Robinson Net Worth.

Ben Tankard Net worth

Ben Tankard is also the leader of a church that has its own TV channel. Ben Tankard is the Church’s go-to guy for the media. Ben Tankard, an American jazz musician who is well-known, is worth $7 Million. Several online sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, say that the most famous American jazz musician, Ben Tankard, is worth about $7 million.

Ben Tankard has a net worth of $7 million, which we’ve already talked about. Ben Tankard used to be worth more than $20 million, but he gave away almost $10 million during the New Orleans floods because he is a man of God and a very generous person. So far, Ben Tankard has made more than $20 million from his music alone. Ben Tankard is also a reality TV star. In the last five years, he has made more than $7 million as a reality TV star.

Ben Tankard and his family live in a $1 million house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Aside from that, Ben Tankard’s parents still gave him a very expensive property in Florida State worth $ 11 million. Keep an eye out for more news about famous people.

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Ben Tankard Biography

On January 10, 1964, Ben Tankard was born. Ben Tankard was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is a beach city. Even though Ben Tankard grew up in a very religious family, he never planned to become a pastor. Ben Tankard was more interested in basketball. In fact, he was thought to be one of the best basketball prospects in the state of Florida, so Florida State gave him a full scholarship to play basketball there. Ben Tankard tried to become a professional basketball player after he played for Florida State in college. Check out how much money Tems has.

We say that he tried to become a basketball player because he was in the NBA draft and was picked by one of the teams. However, because of his knee injury, he never played professional basketball. Ben Tankard never used what happened as an excuse for failing at anything. He was interested in music as well as basketball, so when his basketball dreams fell through, he focused on his music. You might be interested in Marcus Black Net Worth.

He started making his own music in the basement of his parents’ house. He sold audio cassettes in his neighborhood to get his first album out there. He was successful even though he didn’t have the help of an established music label. He became a pastor after his father pushed him to become a successful musician. He has been doing his job as a pastor up until now.

How much does Ben Tankard have in the bank?

Ben Tankard has a total worth of about $7,000,000.

What is Ben Tankard’s age?

Ben Tankard is 58 years old right now (10 January 1964).

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What does Ben Tankard get paid?

Ben Tankard is thought to make about $400,000 per year.

What is Ben Tankard’s height?

Ben Tankard is 1.98 meters (6′ 6″) tall.

What does Ben Tankard’s wife’s name sound like?

Ben Tankard’s wife’s name is Jewel LaGreen (m. 2000).

Tankard was a 6’6″ shooting guard in the Canadian and U.S. professional basketball leagues for a short time. He left the league because he hurt his knee and turned to music, which he loved more. He found out he could play jazz piano at a church miracle service. He changed his life from sports to music right away. He thinks that his skills on the keyboard and as a producer are gifts from God. He has never taken lessons on the piano.

Tankard found a third-grade teacher named Yolanda Adams in 1990 when he was only 25 years old. He signed her to his new independent record label, Tribute Records (Ben-Jamin’ Universal Music), which he had just started. Among her earlier albums, he produced Through the Storm, Save the World, More Than a Melody, and Yolanda… Live in Washington. They worked together on more than 40 pieces. Tankard says that the voice of Yolanda Adams helped make his production style and keyboard playing known to a large number of people. Tankard has also made a number of instrumental solo albums and soundtracks that have been well received. The styles of music on these albums range from pop to R&B to smooth jazz. Tankard was the first musician to make instrumental albums that were a mix of gospel and jazz. This style of music is called “GospelJazz.”

Tankard has had his own record label/production company for 25 years. He is known as a pioneer in his field. He has been nominated for three Grammys, eleven Dove Awards, and fourteen Stellar Awards for his music, including “Best Instrumental Album” in 2010 for his Mercy, Mercy, Mercy CD. This album did well on the charts because it had an instrumental version of “How Great Is Our God,” a Christian hit song by Chris Tomlin. Even though many of Tankard’s albums have been played a lot on gospel and smooth jazz stations, The Weather Channel, XM Satellite Radio, and Music Choice on cable TV, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy was the first CD in the history of Billboard Magazine to chart on the gospel, contemporary jazz, and jazz charts all at the same time.

Tankard has been called the “Quincy Jones of Gospel” for his ability to put together great musicians for his recordings. He has 19 solo albums and is the best-selling gospel-jazz instrumentalist of all time. Tankard has done a lot of work with Yolanda Adams, but he has also worked with Take 6, Fred Hammond, Kelly Price, John P. Kee, Shirley Murdock, Twinkie Clark, and Gerald Albright, all of whom have won gold or platinum records or Grammy Awards. In his 25 years in the music business, he
has made 15 Gold records and 6 Platinum records.

Tankard is a pilot who loves to fly and is now based in Murfreesboro, which is near Nashville. Most of the time, he flies his own fleet of planes to his concerts. Every year, he goes to more than 100 special events and concerts, such as jazz festivals, gospel events, and corporate events. His dream planes are the Pilatus PC-12 with a low wing and the Quest Kodiak with a high wing. He flies the low-wing Piper PA-32R Lance/Saratoga and the high-wing Cessna Skymaster Skyrocket himself right now. Tankard’s Urban Eagles outreach program shows young kids how fun it is to fly. It also gives them a “first look” at jobs in aviation, from pilots to mechanics. As a pilot, broker, and consultant, he has owned or flown 25 different planes and has almost 3,000 hours of flight time as a pilot-in-command with an instrument rating. He has been a member of the Cessna Pilots Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) for a long time (CPA).

Tankard has worked on special projects with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a musician and speaker since 2012. He helps the player development division of the NBA League Office in New York. In this role, he can tell the players about his successes and show them “how to have a life outside of basketball.” Ben plays smooth jazz on the piano while the younger D-League players write down their goals and plans during his motivational sessions with them.

The couple got married on January 27, 2000. Marcus, Brooklyn, Britney, Benji, and Cyrene are their five children. They also have two daughters-in-law, Latisha and Shanira, and three grandchildren (Diamond, Micah, and Billie). Tankards often talks about marriage and blended families on TV and at national conferences. In 2002, The Tankards started the Destiny Center Church in Murfreesboro, which is also the national headquarters for Tribute Records/Ben-Jamin’. Destiny Center is one of the most-visited churches in the Mid-State, and the Tankards give their time as Pastors to the community-based church, which began as a Bible study group in their mansion. Tankard says that he is a “reacher, not a preacher.” He says that his weekly church services are meant to encourage, empower, and motivate people through role playing and real-life examples.

On July 16, 2011, the Atlanta Gospel-fest gave Tankard the Lifetime Achievement Award for Musical Excellence as a performer, producer, and songwriter. Ben Tankard is also a well-known speaker who has given talks for the NBA, Joel Osteen, and Bishop T.D. Jakes, among others, at big venues and events.

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