Are Adam Faison and Donald Faison Realted? Hellraiser Actor’s Parents and Family

Adam Faison was born into a military family. He saw his father, Marcus J. Faison, a colored Marine veteran who dedicated his life to serving the country as he grew up in southern California; after a remarkable military career, he left a lasting impression. 

His mother, Elizabeth O Faison, also significantly impacted all of their lives by providing and caring for the family while her husband was away at war. Adam belongs to an interracial family as his mother belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity while his father is African-American. 

When Adam was a child, his mother worked with kids who had autism. The actor thus has a soft spot for people who are autistic. In actuality, April, one of his oldest friends, is autistic; she and her mother got the opportunity to attend the series premiere. 

Unfortunately, his mother, Elizabeth, has ovarian cancer. On the same day that his mother received the news that she had ovarian cancer, he went to the table and read for the first time for a the television show. Adam cried nonstop for the entire 15 hours of the reading process because it was such a huge blow.

Adam Faison Has A Brother

Marcus J. Faison Jr., Adam’s older brother, enlisted in the air force after his father. His brother received his basic military training diploma at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas.

As reported by Savannah, Marcus has since graduated from Bloomingdale’s New Hampstead High School in 2018.

The airman successfully finished a rigorous eight-week course that covered instruction in military discipline and academics, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and fundamental combat principles and skills.

The Community College of the Air Force awards basic training graduates four credits toward an associate in applied science degree.

In order to demonstrate his leadership skills, Adam founded the Secret Society of Spirited Individuals at Poway High School, where he enrolled in 2007. Adam enrolled at the Carolyne Barry Creative Studios after graduating from high school to study the Meisner Technique.

The actor eventually enrolled in Stuart K Robinson College to better himself with on-camera and commercial skills due to his hunger for expertise in the film industry.

Adam continued to pick up both skills at Chris Gaming Casting and Stan Kirsch Studios from 2015 to 2018, suggesting that it was insufficient. He furthered his training in theater by pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Pitzer College, earning a 3.6 GPA in Media Studies and Theater, and graduating.

Is Adam Faison Dating Anyone? 

Adam Faison came out not very long ago which is in line with his character in Hellraiser. It’s easy to see how Alex and Nicholas develop a committed romantic relationship on the show, but Adam hasn’t always had it so simple.

He recalls how difficult it was to maintain a committed relationship when he was younger since he did not have many role models in his life. He believes that people will realize that love can be found in anybody and anywhere as he observes how Alex and Nicholas support one another.

Adam feels pressure to do it well and adequately represent the LGBTQ community, as he said to Yahoo.

Although he hasn’t yet been romantically involved with anyone, Antonio Morales, a designer, and illustrator, may be seen hanging out with him on Antonio’s Instagram. They frequently appear together in public and encourage one another’s endeavors.

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