Antonella Guadagnino, Mariann Guadagnino – Vinny Guadagnino Siblings Age Gap

Antonella Guadagnino and Mariann Guadagnino are the sisters of American reality TV star Vinny Guadagnino.

Vinny, who is 34, is very close to his parents and siblings. The American actor is well-known because he is on the MTV show Jersey Shore. The actor, who is 34 years old, is one of the people on the MTV show Jersey Shore. People remember him from 2009 to 2012 because he was in all six seasons.

Vinny’s dancing on Dancing With the Stars got him a lot of attention. ScreenPant said that his first performance on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) was disappointing because he got low scores. He knew that he could dance better than this.

Since Vinny doesn’t know how to dance, it’s hard for him to keep up with the choreographer. He is not new to dancing. People on the Internet and judges have high hopes for him because he works hard. But the actor did his best on DWTS by dancing salsa to Tit Me Preguntó by Bad Bunny.

With a score of 17 out of 40, he was at the bottom of the DWTS leaderboard after that dance. He was tied for last place with Teresa Giudice, who is one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. A vote from a fan saved him from being kicked off the show.

Antonella Guadagnino, Mariann Guadagnino – Vinny Guadagnino Siblings Age Gap

Antonella Guadagnino and Mariann Guadagnino are a few years younger than Vinny Guadagnino. They were born about two or three years apart.

Family-oriented Two sisters live with Vinny. But the public doesn’t know as much about his sisters as they do about their brother, mother, and uncle. But it looks like the sisters are close to their families. When he first became famous, one of Vinny’s main goals was to build a home for his whole family.

But Vinny doesn’t talk as much about her sister and family as she used to, and a few years ago, he let slip who they were. He doesn’t come from money. When the actor became well-known, he bought a house for his family where they could spend time together. In 2012, he and his sister talked to the New York Daily News about how their house had two separate apartments.

Family is the most important thing to him. The man who cared about his family wanted to find a nice place to live. Fans can find old pictures of him, like one of Antonella and Mariann from 2013. Those pictures showed how close Vinny was to his sisters.

In the same way, he posted a picture of Mariann smiling next to a guest on his show. Mariann has an Instagram account with the name @machinegunkelly. On March 7, 2013, he posted another photo that showed how angry his sister was with him. After his sister got mad at him, the actor hoped to still be alive.

Vinny also had a picture of himself with his guest Iggy Azalea and members of his own family.

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Is He a Husband?

People on the Internet want to know if Vinny Guadagnino is married or not. After his third try to find love in “Double Shot at Love,” he is still not married.

He used to be with Akielia Rucker, the woman who was with Vinny in Season 3 of Double Shot at Love. US Magazine says it’s clear that Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick’s co-star on Jersey Shore will never go beyond being friends.

Hollywood Life says that Akielia and Vinny decided to keep their relationship a secret from Akielia. Their love didn’t last for a long time, though. Outside of the Double Shot at Love House, they lived as friends.

Fans thought Vinny and Akielia broke up when neither of them talked about their relationship on social media after the Double Shot at Love finale. Even though Vinny is no longer following Akielia on Instagram, she is still following him.

Later, Vinny began dating Jersey Shore cast members. They didn’t stay together for very long. He told Hollywood Life that he wouldn’t rush into a relationship until he found the right person.

How much money Vinny Guadagnino has

It is thought that Vinny Guadagnino, an American TV personality, is worth $5 million.

Vinny Guadagnino is an American reality TV star who is best known for being on the MTV show “Jersey Shore.” In 2009, when he was 21, Guadagnino joined the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” From 2009 to 2012, he was a part of all six seasons of the program.

After the show was over, Guadagnino started taking acting classes himself. He was a guest star on The Hard Times of RJ Berger and Jersey Shore Shark Attack, both comedy shows (the Syfy original film).

In 2013, Guadagnino started his own talk show on MTV called The Program with Vinny. In it, Guadagnino ate dinner with famous people he had interviewed and had invited to his home.

Later, he and his mother were given a show on The Cooking Channel called “Vinny & Me Eat America.” In 2018, Guadagnino filmed “Jersey Shore: Family Reunion,” and most of the original cast was there.

In April 2019, Guadagnino started two important projects: the show “Double Shot at Love” with his “Jersey Shore” co-star Pauly D and his first show on MTV. He started hosting Chippendales at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as a guest host for a month.

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How old are Vinny Guadagnino’s older and younger siblings?

There may be only a few years between the ages of Vinny Guadagnino’s sisters. They look like they are only two or three years apart. He gets along very well with his sisters.

Is Vinny Guadagnino married?

Vinny Guadagnino does not have a wife. He’s been with Akielia Rucker and Angelina Pivarnick in the past. When he was on a dating TV show, he went out with both of them.

How much money does Vinny Guadagnin have?

It is thought that Vinny Guadagnin has a net worth of $5 million. From acting and hosting, he had made enough money. He has also hosted a reality show where he had a number of guests.

Early years

Guadagnino grew up in the New York City borough of Staten Island, and his family is a traditional Italian-American one. His mother was born in Sicily, Italy. When she was 13, she moved to the U.S. In the fourth season of Jersey Shore, there is an episode where his family’s farm is shown. He finished high school at Susan E. Wagner and then went to SUNY New Paltz for a while before transferring to the College of Staten Island and getting a degree in political science there. Guadagnino had planned to go to law school before he was cast on Jersey Shore.


Guadagnino was
one of the original cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore. He was on the show for all six seasons, from 2009 to 2012. After Jersey Shore, Guadagnino started taking classes to learn how to act. He played RJ’s cousin in an episode of The Hard Times of RJ Berger, a comedy show on MTV. In the 90210 episode from November 8, 2011, he had a small part that he also played in the episode “O Holly Night.” He was also in the movie Jersey Shore Shark Attack, which was made by Syfy.

Guadagnino’s talk show, The Show with Vinny, which began in May 2013, was also made by MTV. On the show, famous people went to Guadagnino’s house and had dinner and talked with him and his family. Vinny & Ma Eat America was a show on The Cooking Channel that he and his mother did together.

In 2018, he was back on Jersey Shore with most of his original castmates for a new season called Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

[16] In 2018, the first and second seasons were shown, and in 2019, the third season started.

Since April 2019, Guadagnino has been in an MTV show called Double Shot at Love with Pauly D.

On April 26, 2019, he started working as a guest host in Chippendales at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This gig will last for a month.

In 2021, he competed on the spin-off of The Masked Singer called The Masked Dancer as “Hammerhead.” During Battle of the Super Six, he was the sixth person to be kicked off the show.

Guadagnino will be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars’s 31st season, which will start in September 2022. He works with Koko Iwasaki as a team.

In 2011, Guadagnino started a clothing line called IHAV, which stands for “I Have a Vision.” The message on the clothes was “Fuck Bullies.” The money raised goes to the charity Do Something, which gives grants to projects and programs that fight bullying. He also helps the animal rescue group Much Love. Recently, he took part in a charity auction for the group. Guadagnino also stands up for the rights of gay people. He has hosted the GLAAD Awards and taken part in the NOH8 Campaign.

Guadagnino also wrote a book called Control The Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama, and Keep Your Inner Cool with Samantha Rose.

In 2018, he started selling clothes under the name Name Brand NYC.

Guadagnino is also a supporter of the keto diet. He lost 50 pounds on it himself, and he has been in Men’s Health Magazine more than once to give advice about it. He also started an Instagram account that was all about the keto diet.

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