Aniya Wayans Age And Parents

Aniya Wayans is an 18-years-old famous Tik Tok personality and the daughter of Damon Wayans Jr, well known American actor and Comedian.

Damon is mainly recognized as a starring character on an ABC Sitcom called Happy Endings. He was born in Huntington, Vermont, United States, on November 18, 1982.

The actor was honored for his performance as Coach on the Fox comedy series New Girl in 2012 and the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He was also a voice do-over actor, Wasabi, in Big Hero 6, and appeared in the comedy Let’s Be Cops both in 2014.

He is the son of actress Lisa Thorner and actor Damon Wayans and belongs to the Wayans household. He has three younger siblings: Michael, Cara, Mia, and Kyla.

Aniya’s father, Damon, made his professional acting debut in 1994’s motion picture Blankman, in which he performed the role of Young Kevin, which was a huge success.

How Old Is Aniya Wayans? Age 2022 And Height

Aniya Wayans is 18 years old. She was born on September 30, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Aniya Wayans attended one of the reputed institutes in Los Angeles, California, including her high school and elementary education. 

She acquired her high school graduation degree and her primary graduate assistantship there, which will help her pursue her academic experience in the coming years.

However, we do not know whether she was an undergraduate student at the time because there is no information about her academic credentials.

Well, going through her Instagram, she seems a brilliant and talented young girl.

Who Are Aniya Wayans’ Parents?

Aniya Wayans is the daughter of her caring parents, Damon Wayans Jr. and Aja Metoyer. Unfortunately, her parents got separated when she was a few years old.

Aniya’s parents, Damon and Aja, were companions from their boyhood, and Aja states that she has known Damon since she was 12 years old and that he was her first love. Eventually, they became high school lovers and shared romantic relationships.

Even being in a romantic relationship and having external quality kids, Damon and Aja are reluctant to walk down the aisle together as Aja’s affair with Dwayne releases the cause of separation.

Eventually, when her parents split up, her mother was given sole custody of her and her sister Amara, but Damon also decided their future.

Damon later married his wife, Samara Saraiva. The couple decided to tie the knot in 2016, and Samara consistently tries to keep her personal life out of the public sphere.

Who Are Aniya Wayans’ Family?

Based on what we understand after thorough research, Aniya Wayans only has one sibling, who carries the name Amara Wayans from her father, Damon, and her biological mother, Aja.

Aniya’s sister Amara Wayans was born in 2002 and is two years older than Aniya. Likewise, her mother, Aja’s, relationship with Wade leads to the birth of Aniya’s step-brother, Xavier Zechariah Wade. He was conceived on November 10, 2013.

Her grandfather was a former actor and comedian, Damon Wayans, whose son Damon Wayans Jr followed in his father’s footsteps. The young TikTok star is close to her aunt Melissa Metoyer, her mother’s younger sister.

How Much Is Aniya Wayans’ Net worth?

Aniya is a Celebrity daughter who hasn’t professionally started her work in any position except for she is a Tik Tok personality and has a privileged life so far, thanks to her parents.

Aniya does not have an estimated net worth but her father Damon Wayans has an estimated net worth of roughly $ 10 million and her mother Aja Metoyer has a net worth of around $ 2 million.

Likewise, the Wayans Family has grossed over $ 1 billion at the domestic box office, as they all are comedians and they say it is comedian blood in Wayans blood.

Five Facts About Aniya Wayans

1. Aniya Wayans’ father, Damon Wayans, and mother, Aja Metoyer, split up when Aniya was only a few years old as her mother was engaged in an affair.

2. Aniya’s picture was commented on by the son of Michael Jordan, and people started doubting her relationship with Michael Jordan Jr.

3. Her grandfather Damon Wayans was also a comedian like her father, Damon Wayans Jr, and people say comedies run in the blood of this family.

4. She is a well-known Tik Tok star, but unfortunately, she has yet to choose her profession, and thanks to her parents, she has a well-privileged life.

5. When her father and mother split up, her mother got custody of Aniya and her sister Amara Wayans, a famous social media influencer.

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